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Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Deepa Kartha Feb 6, 2019
Are you looking for gift for your grandparents' upcoming 50th wedding anniversary? If yes, you are at the right place. Here are some ideas about gifts that you can present to your loving grandparents.
Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.- Alex Haley.
The quote does reflect the sweet and close relationship that grandparents and grandchildren share. Most of us will have the memory of those long summer holidays when it was the time for visiting one's grandparents. It was not just a freedom from studies, homework and restrictions, but a time full of awe stricken stories, delicious cookies and fun.
Grandparents can be described as people who understand you and love you for what you are, without pointing at your drawbacks constantly. So, when it comes to thinking about gifts for such special people, it ought to be something that they will treasure forever.
If you are having a hard time choosing a gift that your grandparents will love, here are some gift options that you can choose from.

Great Gifts for Your Grandparents

As most grandparents are past retirement age, they will surely have lots of free time with them. So, the best gift idea for grandparents will be something that will keep them engaged. Think about your grandparents' interest and hobbies and you will surely come up with a gift idea that they will enjoy. So, let us take a look at some of them.

Gardening Kit

If your grandparents love to decorate their garden by planting new plants and flowers, there could be nothing better than a gardening tool kit to make their hobby more pleasurable.
Along with the gardening kit, you can add other accessories like cushioned knee pads, gloves, gardening hat, along with a large watering to make gardening easier for them. Seed packets of exotic plants and books on gardening can make it one of the perfect gift option for your grandparents.

Sports Kit

A sports kit will be a great gift idea for active grandparents. If your grandparents are people who are fit and still love to indulge in sport activities like badminton, table tennis, golf, etc. a sports kit of their favorite game will be truly appreciated.
You can go to a sports store or may be browse the Internet to know about the prices of different varieties of sports kit. Apart from this, a lifetime membership to the nearby sports club can also be a good idea for your sports loving grandparents.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are useful gifts when you are not able to think of a gift for someone. If your grandparents love to try out new restaurants or like to entertain people on a regular basis, a gift certificate to a restaurant will be a great idea.
This will be a great help for them as usually retired people live on a small budget. For grandparents who are movie buffs, movie certificates will be a good idea as they can watch movies that they want without thinking much about the money they have to spend.
If you think that your grandparents will not be very keen to go to the movie theater to catch a movie, gifting them a pack of DVDs of old classic movies will also be a good alternative.

Homemade Gifts

Now, the gift that you want to present to your grandparents need not be something fancy and expensive. Giving a gift that is made with love and care will be considered to be the best by grandparents.
One homemade gift idea includes a basket of goodies made by you. If you are gifted with good culinary skills, bake your grandparents' favorite cakes, cookies and chocolates, if possibly with the help of family recipes and gift it to them.

Photo Collage

If you have a creative streak in you, make a collage of old and new family pictures.
Collect pictures beginning from your grandparents' childhood, moving towards their marriage, birth of their children, grandchildren and such other significant events of their lives. Stick them together on a large sheet of thick board and frame it. Another idea will be to make a photo collage on a blanket.


Sending your grandparents for a long vacation to an exotic place will also be a wonderful gift. If you know a place they have been wanting to visit for a long time, book air tickets for that place and also do other arrangements for their stay there.
You can also send them for a vacation, to the place where they had gone for their honeymoon.
Apart from these gifts, the best present that you can give them is spending time with them. So, take a break from your busy routine and visit your grandparents to spend a day or maybe a week with them.
We are sure there will be nothing else that your grandpa and grandma would love, other than getting a chance to be in your company for an entire day.