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Gift Ideas for Friends Who Have Everything

Stephen Rampur Jun 22, 2019
Gifting something to a friend that has everything becomes a difficult task. At times like these, it is best to use your creativity and get him something unique and invaluable.
Gifts for friends are usually to be chosen according to their needs, likes, and what will make them the happiest. But what can be done in a situation when you think your friend has everything? This can surely be a challenging task that may require you to use your creativity to the fullest.
Emotions and invaluable memories are the best choices when it comes to great gift ideas for friends who have everything. Some of these gift ideas are mentioned considering you and your friend have a common friend circle.

A Greeting Card with Your Wishes

A greeting card always works best as a gift to any person and on any occasion. You can create a greeting card or buy one, and write your and your friend's well wishes as a present. Personalized will be a really touching gift for him.

An Outing with All Friends

If you all have not been on a trip for a while, you can gift him with a surprise outing plan. It can either be a night out, 2 - 3 day visit to another city, or even a picnic in the park.
Make the day memorable by getting his favorite food or doing activities that will surely be remembered and cherished by your friend.

A Souvenir of Good Old Times

If you have a memory of the good times that you and your friend spent together, it can be used as a good gift. A souvenir can be anything such as a photo gift, book, written note, and similar others.


Books are evergreen gifts, regardless of if your friend has all what he wants. You can purchase a good book with inspirational and motivational thoughts and present it to him. You will find many such good books in the bookstore.

Personalized Coffee Mug

A personalized coffee mug can serve as a gift for a never-ending friendship between you and your friend. Buy a coffee mug, get signatures of all friends, and give it as a present. Your friend will always remember you and those who signed on it when he has coffee.

A T-Shirt with His Picture

To make him feel better about himself, a good idea is to click his photograph and get it printed on a tee. You can even get a group photo printed as a token of friendship. He will certainly feel nice to wear it.

Photo Scrapbook

Collect all possible photos from his childhood, school days, moments captured in collage, and use them in the scrapbook, with well wishes and remarks of all members in your friend circle.

Compose a Song

The best priceless personalized gift that you can give a friend is a song. You can use your past experiences to help compose the lyrics and get all your friends to sing to him. This will certainly be a cherished moment in his life.