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Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Neha Joshi Jun 18, 2019
There are many unique gift ideas you can use to gift something to your coworkers. But which ones work the best? Let's find out!
While gifting something to your friends and family might be relatively easier, it's not all that difficult to gift something to a colleague. Remember, the trick is in knowing how close you are to him.
If you're good friends at work, you can take the liberty of gifting something that is funny, quirky, or informal. However, for someone you don't really know a lot, something formal would be just fine. Let's see our options.



Sometimes, writing material gets over the very day you buy it. Notepads, to-do lists, pens, etc., are never found when urgently needed. Depending on the occasion, you can gift something very expensive or something that will cost you next to nothing.
Also, the type of stationery you pick up, will decide whether it's formal or not. If it's a New Year gift, you can present things like planners, calendars, and diaries.


We know that technology is continuously upgrading. Everyday, we have new machines and gadgets that can help us work better. Sometimes, this can be something as small as a calculator or as magnificent as an iPad.
If you're gifting something simple, you can pick up anything from a calculator to a desk clock. If it's something expensive you fancy, you can gift your colleague a tablet. If it's a farewell gift, everyone can contribute towards it.

Stress Busters

One thing we all need to fight in office is the stress. There are so many things that help you fight stress that any one of these can make for a wonderful gift.
 A stress ball is the best example. It's as cheap and very useful. If you want to give something to the entire office, say for Christmas, this is a great idea. A mini dart board can also work wonders, provided the management is fine with a little play. A music player is another great option.


These are your best bet when you need to think of farewell gifts. At such times, you need something that has sentimental value. Photo albums, memoirs in the form of cards and appreciation letters work the best.
You can make a small calendar too. Ask everyone to mark their birthdays with a small goodbye note. This way, every few days, your colleague will think of someone.
Now that you know these wonderful gift ideas for coworkers, you can easily zero in on one, depending on the occasion and your budget. If you don't have much time, we just you present him/her with a gift certificate, thus enabling him/her to buy something of his/her choice.