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Amazing Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Boy

Girija Shinde Oct 23, 2018
There are so many gifts for 2 year old boys in the market that it can become very difficult to pick one. Here are some selective gift ideas which will surely bring a bright huge smile to his face!
When you think of gifts for 2 year olds, thousands of colorful and attractive things come in front of your eyes. However, when you actually go to the market to buy one, you get confused. While buying the present, you need to see its durability, if it can be used by a two year old kid, and most importantly, if it is safe.
Kids tend to put every new thing that they come across in their mouth, so you need to be very careful while selecting the gift. You also need to check for sharp edges and hard materials as the kids can hurt themselves while handling them.

Collection of Stories

Every kid loves to hear stories; their love for stories is so vast that they cannot tolerate to hear the same story twice! Telling a new story is one of the biggest tasks for parents.
So why not gift them a collection of stories? A two year old can obviously not read, so gift him a set of CDs of stories. You will find a great variety of story collections in the market. There are fairytale stories, superman stories, animal stories, etc.
Choose three-four different kinds of story genres. Not only the kid will enjoy the visual and audio stories, this gift will also help the parents get some rest.

Kiddies Bike

Gift him a cute little bike which he can ride around the house. Nowadays, you get many fancy bikes in the market which are painted with kids' favorite cartoon characters.
The design of the bike is also similar to that of the cartoon superheroes! So do not forget to ask the kiddie his favorite cartoon character before buying the bike. One of the best bikes out there are the ones which can be used as tricycles as well. The motor-operated bikes, however, cannot be handled properly by the two year olds.


As we all know, kids simply love to play games. Keeping this in mind, toy manufacturers produce a new toy almost everyday. So you do not need to worry about buying the same toy the kid has, all you have to do is ask for the latest one.
There are loads of varieties also, for example there are educational toys like blocks, picture puzzles, alphabet games, etc. There are also toys for 2 year olds which are made for pure entertainment like the battery-operated car collections, construction games, etc.

Painting Mania

Kids love spilling things and making designs out of them. Gifting them giant paint brushes, edible as well as washable paints, and big canvases is a wise gift idea. The kid is sure to spend hours making different patterns and shapes on the canvas. The child develops creativity out of this.
Instead of buying him a single expensive gift, you can buy a couple of inexpensive gifts, as no gift can survive for long in a 2 year old boy's hand.