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Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Puja Lalwani Oct 23, 2018
Looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Maybe the choices enlisted here can be of help. Take a look.
So that 'special day' is coming up, and you don't know what you want to get your loved one as the right gift, simply because he/she is that someone who has everything, or at least seems to have everything. Obviously this is going to leave you stumped.
Coming up with even regular gift ideas is difficult for some, and when you have to get one for someone you think has everything, the plight just heightens to a whole new level. Of course, an end can be put to this plight by taking a look at the gift ideas mentioned here.


A hand-painted portrait makes for a beautiful gift. You may not be an artist, but a professional can make the portrait for you.
You may not want to ruin the surprise by having the couple sit for the portrait. Instead, you could give the artist a photograph of the couple, using which he could create the portrait. This gift is not only limited to couples; it is perfect for almost anyone close to you.

Gift Basket

As cliché as it may sound, and as many times you may have heard of it, a gift basket is one of those gifts where you can include a little bit of everything to make a complete package.
Whether it's books, sports or food that the receiver of the gift likes, choose a theme and build your gift basket around it. For instance, an assortment of exotic cheeses, accompanied with crackers and the perfect wine, will comprise the perfect gift basket.
If it is a gift basket based on books that you wish to present, you could include an original classic (accompanied by its movie, if ever made), a jar of exotic coffee beans, and a small cushion so the book can be enjoyed completely.
A gift basket based around the theme of sports (including tickets to an upcoming sports event) is one great gift for a guy who has everything. Deciding a theme and associating other small gifts and accessories help you come up with a unique gift basket.


Giving the gift of time is perhaps the most precious and perfect gift for someone who have everything. Plan a day together, doing what they enjoy the most, whether it is trekking, or simply watching their favorite movie at home, or cooking a meal together.
If you are a husband or a boyfriend, this is probably one of the best gift ideas for women who have everything. The idea is to spend as much time together as possible, on that one special day to make it memorable for a lifetime.

Life Story

Capturing precious moments of one's life, and presenting them as a gift will definitely strike the right chord. In such a case, you obviously have to be very close to the person you want to give this gift to.
Perhaps, based on your relation with the person, you can capture precious moments and create a life story that revolves around the both of you. Include photographs, memoirs, souvenirs, and make a scrapbook that you can present as a splendid gift.

Birthstone with Personality Details

Presenting a birthstone to a friend, along with a chart based on her/his personality, is another great idea for a gift for someone who seems to have everything.
Finding out these details is not very difficult, and in fact can be done through various websites dedicated to this purpose, online. You could probably include your own inputs to make the whole chart a little humorous!

Classes for their Favorite Activity

There are lots of people who have a deep desire to do something they love doing, but have something holding them back.
Help them break through these barriers by enrolling them for activities or classes on subjects they are keen on. It could be dance, that helps them breathe freely, or a session in creative writing, that allows them to express their deepest thoughts.
It could be a class that teaches flower arrangements or other crafts, or simply a yoga class to get them back into shape (one of those great gifts for men who have everything, including cholesterol problems!) Whatever their desire, there's bound to be a class for it.
There is always something that is missing from someone's life; no one can technically have everything! Finding this missing thing and presenting it in the form of a gift to that special someone, be it a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or parent, will leave an impact so strong on their mind and heart, that everything else will then appear immaterial.