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Gift Certificate Template

Gift Certificate Template
Putting together your own version of a gift certificate template is a fun thing to do, and quite thoughtful, too. Learn how to do it with this article and gift them to your family or friends.
Avanika Mote
At times, choosing the right gifts for your loved ones could seem to be the toughest task to do. A lot of people opt for gift certificates for their relatives, friends, colleagues, and loved ones, in order to make them feel special. And why won't they? After all, anything that certifies you as the best lover, or the best mother is always going to make you feel far more special than a usual gift. But, you must be aware of certain formats of a gift certificate before gifting anyone with these. The templates are easily downloadable from the Internet. But, making them by yourself is sure to melt the hearts of receivers and give you the self-satisfaction, too!

General Template of a Gift Certificate


This certificate is good for one: ____________________ (write the name of the gift you want to present)
Certificate valid only for: ________________________ (write the recipient's name)
Redeemable only from: __________________________ (write your name)

Authorized Signature:___________

This certificate is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

The above template is general and can be given to relatives, colleagues, and even acquaintances. You may or may not personalize it, depending on the type of your relationship with the receiver. If you need to lend it a formal look, you may design it like a real formal certificate.

Informal Gift Certificate Templates


This is to certify that Mr.____________________ has been awarded with a (write a gift/trophy) as the best father in the world, apart from being the coolest, the cutest, and the strongest!

On this date:___________ Given by:____________


The above template can be given to your father on father's day or to your mother on mother's day. You can also gift these certificates to your parents on their marriage anniversary or on their birthdays. Gift certificates add a personalized touch to your gifts and they give a special feeling to the receiver, a feeling that cannot be felt by any other gift or a card. You can also consider changing the fonts to a beautiful calligraphic font and add a cute family picture, to personalize it even more and add a touch of your own. You may change the borders and the colors to something more decorative and attractive and wrap it in a beautiful envelope and tie a beautiful ribbon around it.

If you are planning to give a gift certificate to your sweetheart/lover/husband/wife, here is the format that you should follow.


The legendary best lover award is hereby granted to Mr/Ms._____________ for being the sweetest, the cutest, the sexiest girl/guy in the world. This certificate is specially for your kindness and generosity, your affection and your understanding, and for all those beautiful moments you have given me.

On this date:____________ Presented by:____________(write your name)
This certificate entitles you to countless kisses and endless hugs from you, all your life!


You may personalize them in your own special ways. In the above template, for the best lover, you may color the background with numerous hearts and seal it with a kiss! A love card should have reds and pinks, hearts and angels! So, you may paint them like some love cards. You may also paste a picture of you and your lover in this certificate, to add more emotion and give it a deeper meaning. Another lovely idea could be, pasting red colored rose petals all over the gift certificate! It is sure to melt your lover's heart! Remember that the above templates are meant for informal gifting. Thus, they do not have a specific format which needs to be followed. You may add more words, describe your feelings, paste a picture, tie ribbons, decorate it with flowers and petals, and add a poem too!

Formal Gift Certificate Template

If you are looking for something formal, for your boss, colleagues, and other co-workers, here's one worth considering.


XYZ Company,
East Street,
New York.

This is to certify that Mr/Ms. ________________ has been awarded with a Christmas bonus along with a Christmas gift from XYZ company. Here's wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas from the entire staff and management.

Date of Issue: _______
Value: $_______
Authorized by: ______
Not redeemable for cash and valid till 6 months from the date of issue.

As I said earlier, it is better to personalize the informal gift certificates to make them look more attractive. The formal or general templates should be kept minimal and really formal.