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How to Make Gift Boxes with Lids

How to Make Gift Boxes with Lids

If you want a novel twist and give a personal touch to wrapping gifts, then opt to make lidded gift boxes which can be an elegant alternative. These are easy to make as long as you are ready to be as creative as possible.
Tulika Nair
So every year you give your girlfriend a gift packed in store-bought wrapping paper? Why not put in a little more thought into the process this year? For many people, the actual excitement of receiving a gift lies in unwrapping the same. And receiving a gift packed in one of those cute gift boxes that you have made yourself can only heighten the happiness that they experience. In this article, we tell you what is the easiest method that you can use to make these gift boxes.

These boxes are convenient to use, can be personalized, and can be recycled and used as a memory box. While you can easily buy these from a party supply store, you may not always get a box in the size or shape you desire. Which is where making your own gift box comes into the picture. In the next section, we tell you how you can make these gift boxes.

The Process of Making Gift Boxes

Instead of spending a bomb on store-bought gift boxes, you can makes gift boxes at home. All you will need is a large piece of greeting card paper, decorations, a pair of scissors, glue, and satin ribbon. While selecting the box, remember to choose one of good quality. You do not want the box to be torn or jagged at the corners, or even wrinkled. Also choose a box that will be able to take the weight of the gift you have selected. You do not want the box to tear because of the weight of the gift. You will need to take the shape and size of the gift into consideration. A differently-shaped box can also add to the intrigue that the person receiving the gift is feeling. Now let us take a look at the different steps involved in making gift boxes.
  • Depending on the size that you want the box to be, cut the greeting card paper into two halves.
  • Next fold the sheet of paper diagonally to form a triangle. Open it and repeat the same with the other side as well
  • The folding would have created creases meeting to form an X. Etch the X on the paper using a pencil.
  • Now turn the paper so that the X looks like an addition sign. Fold up one corner to meet the intersection point of the X. Repeat the same with all the corners.
  • Now take one end of the paper and fold it to form a rectangle that meets the intersection point. Repeat the same with the opposite side
  • Now open the paper and trace out all the creases that you have created with your folding. The tracing will create a figure that has four boxes enclosing the intersection point of the X.
  • Now you will have to cut along the X till you reach the edge points of the boxes that are enclosing the intersection point.
  • You will now have the sides of the boxes which you will have to fold inside and the end points which will be folded over the sides. Next glue all the corners.
  • Repeat the process with the other half that you have but make the dimensions a little smaller than the first box so that they bottom half can slide into the top.
This is one of the easiest methods that you can use to make gift boxes. There are many online resources that provide templates that you can print out and cut out to create gift boxes. Once you have the basic structure ready, you can decorate it any fashion that you want. Many people choose to create classic white gift boxes, but there are others who prefer using differently decorated gift boxes. If you want to create one of those gift boxes with clear lids, then the process is very simple. All you will need to do once you have created the lid of the box is cut out a large square or rectangle in the middle. You can also follow the contours of the box. Now take a piece of thick cellophane paper and stick it to the inside of the lid. This will create a clear lid which looks very classy.

While most of us spend a lot of time and effort coming up with different gift ideas, we hardly ever think about the wrapping. Use the instructions given in this article to create different gift boxes to present the gift with a bit of elan and a touch of elegance.
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