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Enthralling Gift Baskets Ideas for Men

Reshma Jirage Sep 30, 2018
A gift basket loaded with your special man's favorite items can be a perfect gift option for him. You can include a variety of things in it and make him feel special.
Selecting a gift for a man is a confusing task. The occasion may be his birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day or any festive event, you must be willing to surprise your boyfriend, husband, dad, or brother with wonderful gift. When selecting presents, gift baskets can be the right option. Using your creativity and imagination, add a personal touch to it.

The Ideas

Men definitely love to receive a gift basket that is loaded with their favorite gifts. You can select from a variety by keeping in mind a theme such as corporate, sports, gourmet, or personalized.
While creating it for your special man, you should know about his likes and dislikes as well as his hobbies and interests. If he is interested in sports, then a basket loaded with sports items can be a pleasant gift for him.
Gift baskets are made from pressed tin and wood magazine racks in copper and sepia washes, sleek leathered boxes, matte black wicker baskets, and silver or rust and copper metal baskets and buckets. You can decorate them elegantly with beautiful laces and ribbons. Here are some fantastic ideas you can consider.


Beer gift basket can be a perfect 'manly' gift for your loved one. Load it with a variety of beers. Also add his favorite drinks such as whiskey, vodka, and wine. This may be accompanied by some delicious snacks such as mixed nuts, peanuts pretzels, and beef jerky.


If he is a food lover, then it can be full of his favorite food items. Fill it with food gifts like his favorite cookies, chocolates, toffees, truffles, crackers, fruits, sausages, cheese spreads, or salmon fillets.
If he loves Italian food, add bread dipping herbs and breadsticks, pasta, olive oil, and cinnamon cashews.


If he loves to play golf, then you can go for various golf baskets. It should have a book about golfing, ball caddy, golf towel, golf cap, and golf-themed items such as cookies or peanuts. It will surely be useful for him on the golf course.


Loaded with a wicker creel, leather strap, and other fishing items such as a bobber, fishing sinkers, hooks, nuts and cookies, this type of basket will make your man enjoy going fishing.


Barbeque gifts are really a unique idea for the men who enjoy cooking on the grill. This present constitutes a collection of BBQ sauces, BBQ rubs, marinades, and cooking accessories.


It can be one of the most appealing presents for him. Fill it with some personalized gifts such as his favorite perfume, soaps, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, wallet, or cuff links. Add a wristwatch in it if you can afford it.


Coffee and chocolate is another perfect idea to bring a smile on his face. Add a variety of delicious chocolates including dark chocolates and milk chocolates in the basket.
You can also include some coffee beans or coffee packs. Decorate it by sprinkling some coffee beans. Addition of designer coffee mugs can make it more special.
Filling up the basket with goodies is a unique way to surprise your special man and receive appreciation from him. You can express your love by offering him a wonderful gift basket that you have lavished your creativity on and designed with great care.