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Gift Baskets for Kids

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 10, 2019
When it comes to gifting kids on their birthdays, Easter, Christmas, or any other occasion, there are many unique ideas that you can consider. Gift baskets is one such idea. Here we provide different ways to make these for kids.
Children love getting gifts, but what they love more is opening them. Hence, it is always good to have an assortment of gifts for them to open and enjoy. If you want to indulge your kids with multiple small presents, then you can make them a gift basket.
Given here are some ideas for making these baskets for different occasions, the items that you can put in them, and ways in which you can present them.

Occasion Basket Ideas

Just because gift baskets contain an assortment of gifts, it does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on them. There are many gifts that are inexpensive, yet when presented well, are loved by kids.
One such great idea is to reuse some old but pretty candy and cookie tin containers. They can be filled with homemade cookies, candies, animal-shaped erasers, and crayons. You can decorate the container with glitter glue and some colorful ribbons.
You can even buy a small wicker basket, which is available in any craft center, and fill it with goodies like candies, a comic book, and some CDs. You can make the basket more attractive by adding a few scented pine cones and assorted beads to it.
If you are making one for a baby, you can include mittens, baby products, and a small toy in it.
It is not necessary to use only baskets. Use a good shape container that hold all the gift items. For Easter, use your office shredder to shred some brown or beige-colored paper and place it inside a wicker or plastic basket. Arrange some Easter eggs along with stuffed Easter bunnies in it.
These are inexpensive gift baskets, and they will be loved by your kids. For Christmas, use an empty paint can, spray paint it with a coat of silver-colored paint, and line the inside with a pretty wrapping paper. Place a small toy along with candies and beads in it. Close the can and decorate it with silver ribbons, bells, and Christmas ornaments.

Birthday Basket Ideas

If you already have a particular gift in mind, then you can place it in a gift basket with other inexpensive presents like a small toy, a stuffed animal, pencils, erasers, and candies. Wrap each of these gifts separately, and then arrange them inside the basket.
If your main gift is too big for the basket, then you can place it inside an old, unused hat box. Hat boxes are sturdy and spacious enough to hold a large gift item. Decorate it with some ribbons and glitter to make it more attractive.
Another unique gift idea is to assemble a crafts box. All you need to do is cover a wicker basket with wrapping paper and fill it with craft supplies. Make sure to include a list of directions for projects that can be made using those supplies. Decorate the wicker basket with ribbons.
Personalized gift baskets are a good present idea, and are sure to make your children very happy. Just ensure that you make them pretty and attractive.