Truly Fascinating and Romantic Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Gift Basket Ideas for Couples
Special occasions can be made memorable by gifting couples a personalized gift basket. Give a thought to what they enjoy doing together and you can tailor the gift basket accordingly. You can come up with a whole lot of ideas for a perfect gift basket for the couple you cherish. Let's toast to that, and good luck in finding the best one for your loved ones.
Pleasure is spread through the earth,
In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find.
- William Wordsworth, 1806
There is something special about giving and receiving gifts. It not just makes the person receiving the gift happy and cheerful, but also the one giving it. After all, gift giving is a ritual of showing how much one cares. Besides, psychologists have noted that it goes a step further than just showing how much one cares, it actually helps strengthen ties between family and friends.
Are you still waiting for an opportunity to strengthen your bond with that wonderful couple you cannot do without? It could be your parents, or your own brother/sister-in-law, and even friends that you share a very good bond with. You can make their special occasion even more special by putting a thought into what they like the most.
For couples especially, the best possible gift that you can give is a personalized gift basket. Knowing the couple personally will help you decide what is best for them, thus enabling you to plan and put together one of the best gift baskets ever.
'D' Day Planner
A newly engaged couple would certainly appreciate a gift that will help them plan for their big day.
Wedding planner
Champagne flutes
Honeymoon tickets
Spa vouchers
Decorated photo album
*Basket: Wedding-themed Baskets
Home Starter
The couple has just moved into a new house. They would definitely appreciate 'a new home owner basket'.
Mini tool kit
Cleaning wipes
cleaning bottles
Bottles of cleaning agents
washing soap
Laundry soap
*Basket: Wicker Laundry Basket
Romantic Fad
Your turn to play cupid for the couple. You can take your liberties to make it naughty or nice.
wine bottles
Bottle of wine/champagne
aromatic candles
Fragrant candles
Wine glasses
chocolate coatede strawberry
Chocolates and strawberries (wink!)
Romantic music CDs
bathing material
Bubble bath
*Basket: Lace Trimmed Baskets
Baby Boon
Prepare the young expectant couple for the arrival of the new member in their house.
baby accessories
Baby accessories
baby in a hooded towel
Hooded towels
diaper bag
Baby bag
baby in baby suit
Baby suits
soft blanket
baby covered in baby blanket
Baby blankets
*Basket: Baby Crib
Pet Delights
The couple is in love with animals, and has several pets of their own.
assorted food
Dog/cat food
Squeaky toys
Fur brush
Soft blanket
*Basket: Food Bowl
Day Tripper
They love to travel, so a travel kit is something they will appreciate.
Travel mugs
neck pillow
Neck pillows

*Basket: Tote Bag
Nature Lovers
Your parents or friends who enjoy the pristine outdoors will prefer a gardening kit.

Things that can go in:
» Exotic seeds/plants
» Hand rake
» Gardening gloves
» Insecticides and fertilizers
» Books on gardening
» Foldable stool/chair

*Basket: Watering Can
Health Conscious
For a couple who loves to be in shape and is particular about everything.

Things that can go in:
» Gym membership
» Workout CDs
» Exercise mats
» Dumbbells
» Protein drinks
» Wristbands/socks

*Basket: Tote Bag/Sports Bag
Coffee Dates
Now who doesn't like coffee hampers? They are always welcome.

Things that can go in:
» Personalized coffee mugs
» Cookies
» Assorted coffee
» Chocolates
» Book coupons
» Coffee maker

*Basket: Coffee Basket
Fine Drinker
Last, but not the least, this one's perfect for couples who like to celebrate life.

Things that can go in:
» Red or white wine bottle
» Corkscrew
» Wine glasses
» Wine tasting coupons
» Wine casket
» Wine accessories

*Basket: Wine Bucket
Roses basket
red flower Basket
Pink rose in basket
Basket with gifts
basket with flowers
Red roses in basket