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Get Well Gift Baskets

Monirupa Shete Jun 22, 2019
Someone you know is not not feeling well and is admitted to a hospital for treatment? Send a Get Well Soon Gift Basket to cheer up your loved one and wish them a speedy recovery!
You don't long for your dear-ones any other time as much as when you are unwell. The doctor's prescription definitely is critical, but nothing can recuperate you better than those 'Get Well Soon' wishes from your family and friends.
When this thought is expressed with a get well gift basket, healing is much more reassuring.
Yes, flowers may be the traditional way of wishing speedy recovery, but get well gift baskets loaded with fresh fruits, chocolates, biscuits, dry fruits, canned soups, and delight snacks can actually cheer up any patient.
You can make a get well gift basket in different ways for all those who matter to you. Just try being a little creative and caring:
◆ You can buy an assortment of exotic chocolates, add some potpourri in the basket and arrange the items suitably. You can then place a small 'Get Well Soon' card on top of the items and tie a big satin bow to the handle. Your dream chocolate hamper is ready.
◆ If you really believe that 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away', go ahead and pick up some fresh juicy apples. Add some peaches, oranges and pears. Tie a small handwritten note to the handle and send it along with some fresh flowers. The healthful kindness will definitely be appreciated.
◆ Toss a good time with a salad basket. Doctors definitely will love your idea. You can actually grate some carrots, cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, boiled pasta, and mix it all together. Parcel the vegetables in a thermocol tray and keep it in the refrigerator to chill. Wrap it up with foil.
Arrange a small pack of cheese, a bottle of salad dressing, dry cranberries, croutons, and a pair of fancy fork, knife, and spoon. The salad needs to be consumed fast else the veggies might get spoiled.
◆ You can also try making a savory soup basket. Purchase a couple of interesting flavors of canned soup or ready-to-cook soup packs. Avoid the boring regular ones. Team up the cans with a pack of bread sticks or croutons, a ceramic soup bowl, and a soup spoon.
You can arrange all the items on a colorful napkin. Once the basket is set, tie a nice satin ribbon to add some glamor.
◆ Whether it's fresh fruits, salads, or soups, gourmet baskets are always a hit. To avoid being repetitive, try to mix and match. Pick up some cheddar cheese, chocolate chip biscuits, pack of assorted nuts, frozen pineapple, fat free snacks, and caramel toffees.
Depending on the taste of the person whom you are presenting it to, you can even get a box of flavored tea or coffee. If you are keen on making the gift really special, you can even add a copy of a paperback book. It is bound to look impressive.
◆ Since ill health proves to be stressful, you can even consider gifting a soothing spa basket which includes scented candles, herbal massage oils, rolled-up towels, aromatherapy candles, bath salts, body lotions, shampoos, soaps, pumice stone, and foot brush. This might be an ideal relaxation idea.
◆ If the person you are visiting is a child, you can think a little differently. Besides the chocolates, you can buy some activity books, perfect for his/her age, a box of crayons, a children's story-telling CD, or a cartoon DVD.
You can even consider buying a set of comic books or some indoor game, which the child can play, when alone. Leisure reading is something everybody enjoys.
These were some ideas to make the ideal gift basket for an unwell person. Such gifts can help the person feel better and temporarily forget about his illness.