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Gardening Gift Ideas

Gardening Gift Ideas
If it's gardening gift ideas that you want, here's where you'll get them. Read this article, and take your pick.
Sujata Iyer
When it comes to giving gifts to someone, one of the best ideas is to give something that the person can use. Of course, decorative pieces, mementos, and other exquisite gifts are great too, but when you gift someone something that they always wanted or something that will tell them that you understand them enough to know what their hobbies and interests are, they feel more special. So, if you know someone who's hobby is gardening, then here are some gardening gift ideas that you can try out, for special occasions, or even just like that.
Gardening accessories are one of the best options for a gardening gift. You can go to any gardening store, and pick out accessories like yard signs, plant labels, garden stakes, garden signs, small garden statues and ornaments, other garden d├ęcor, landscaping rocks, garden bells, small garden figurines, garden lights, small outdoor seats, small garden sculptures, etc. As a gardening gift for a woman, you can help her accessorize with high quality gardening gloves, gardening hats, gardening aprons, scarves, boots, etc.
Another good idea for a gardening gift is a gardening tool kit. Good quality garden tools and equipment can go a long way in maintaining a flourishing garden. And the person will have you to thank for it. So, go to the nearest hardware store, and pick up gardening tools like gardening shears, a hi-speed lawn mower, a sturdy electric rake, gutter cleaners, etc. There are different types of tools, like cutting tools, cleaning tools, mechanized tools, hand tools, etc. You can give any of them. Or, if you want it to be really special, then hunt around for antique gardening tools, and gift them! The look on the person's face when you hand him or her this goody basket will be priceless!
By garden material, we mean all the stuff that goes into the actual process of gardening. As far as gifting these are concerned, you can gift things like:
  • Ceramic pots
  • Good quality seeds
  • High quality fertilizers for specific plants
  • Potting soil
  • Watering cans
  • Water spray
  • Mulching material
  • Shoots or cuttings of a plant for propagation
  • LED lights for indoor gardening
  • Potted plants
  • Organic pesticides
  • Non electric equipment for gardening
Apart from the gifts mentioned above, there are some other gifts that may or may not fall into the categories above. They can be of use to the gardening enthusiast though.
  • You can give the person, a personalized set of cute and stylish gardening clothes. A whole set, complete with a hat for men, and a dress with a scarf for women.
  • Or, you can have all the tools, embossed with his or her name or initials.
  • Another great idea, is gardening books or DVDs, revolving around the type of gardening that the person is interested in.
  • If you're completely at a loss, or not really sure whether the person will like the gift, then you can also opt for a gift voucher of one of the best nurseries in your town or city.
  • You can also arrange an entire day to visit some of the best gardens and horticultural expos that your city boasts of!
  • You could also have a surprise planned for the person, where you arrange for various people interested in gardening to come and view your friend's garden as an exhibition of sorts.
There you have it. Some of the best gardening gifts to give a person who has a passion for the greens! So, go ahead and get gifting! You never know, you may be the one to add that final touch of elegance to an already beautiful garden!
LED Light, Plant, Pesticides and Gardening Tools
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pots in garden
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