Best Gag Gifts for Women

Best Gag Gifts for Women
Gag gifts are those funny gifts which can make someone laugh and feel happy. Read this article to know of some fabulous ideas for women.
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The aim behind giving gag gifts to women is to entertain them and have fun together. Shopping for such gifts can be quite tough at times, because the gifts should only entertain them and not be annoying or frustrating under any circumstances. Given below are some ideas you can try out.
T Shirts!
T-shirts with funny sayings, dialog or quotes can be the best gag gifts for women. Many such shirts are available in the stores and you would not find it difficult to get one for your friend. You can ask the woman to wear the clothes and have a good laugh with all your friends together. Giving shirts with the face of cartoons and funny pictures can also be a fine idea. Generally, it is the kids who wear these kinds of shirts and hence, seeing them on an elder women is enough to have a lot of fun!
Old Photo Album
You should start working on this album many days in advance, so that you can present it on their fiftieth birthday. Collect all the childhood and teenage photos of the person whom you wish to give the gift. Include the photos in which the 'child' has some great expressions such as laughter, sorrow, joy etc. Include photos with the child wearing different kinds of clothes and sporting funny hairstyles. Photos with the pets, those with small children in the family, photos taken during holidays and picnics, photos of marriage and marriage anniversaries, etc. can all be included in the photo album. On the top of the photo album, write the name of the person and the names of the people from whom the gift is being given.
Funny Writing Pens and Pencils!
A wide range and variety of writing pens are available in the market and some of these are really funny and amusing. These funny pens can be the great gag gifts. You can buy writing pens which resemble a cigarette or that of a small aquatic fish. The writing pen with resemblance with a fish is such that the head of the fish is to be removed to right with it! Some other pens look like a lipstick, while some others have a cartoon at their top. Among the pencils, there are those which are very long and are available in attractive colors and patterns.
Attractive and Funny Neckties!
Attractive and funny neckties can be ideal gag gift for women who love to wear formal clothes. Neckties, with funny designs and different sizes are available in plenty in the market. You can get a very small necktie or a very large one to make the woman look funny and amusing. Neckties with small pictures of animals such as cats, dogs, goats or donkeys can guarantee you all a lot of fun.
These were some of the interesting ideas. You should use your imagination power and come up with some more ideas, which no one else has thought of. Best of luck! Have fun!!
Banana pen
Mothers day composition. Photo album, black-and-white pictures