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Gag Gifts for Men

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 12, 2019
At times you wanna gift the men folk some funny gifts to make them laugh and giggle. Check these ideas for men to evoke some laughter in them.
You are busy, you have a billion things to do! You don't have time to think about some innovative gift ideas to gift your man this season. However, you have still managed to dig out some ideas to make him burst into a peal of laughter. Yeah we get it.
The problem is, you do not know how to materialize them or you are confused if it's really worth presenting. To keep your confusions at bay, finally what you do? You end up going to some gift stores or rather garment outlets and pick up the same gifts you have been gifting since ever. Isn't that boring?
You failed to evoke that GAG in your man and spoiled the broth with the same kind of gifts. Now that was a thing of the past and you still have time. Don't waste your energy pondering about gift ideas, just pick one of these gifts and provoke some kinda funny and naughty humor in your man.
Folks the event is about to approach, in the last minute please do not spoil the charm passing off T-shirts, deodorants, wallets, or some of the items that he needs in his daily schedule. The solution lies here straightway. It's different, it's surprising...Come on, check out these funny homemade gag gifts.

Gag Gifts for Boyfriend

When it comes to your boyfriend, you are definitely excited to try out some unique gifting ideas. He will appreciate it more if you have made them personally and have directed all your creativity in making those special gifts for him. Make him feel happy and let him laugh with these particular gifts.

A Devil in Wallet

If you're creative, you can cut a paper in the shape of a devil. Make the devil look funny with typical churlish gestures and odd features.
Frame the design in such a way, that the devil is holding a sword or weapon in his hand. Now, engrave his name on the sword indicting that your boy is the devil. Paste this inside his wallet, so that whenever he takes it out, he can remember you and laugh each time seeing his devilish picture.

Poop Bank

If you really feel that your boy's sense of humor stinks, then there's no better gag gift than a poop bank. It is exactly like the piggy bank, except the pig is replaced with a pile of poop. It's indeed the filthy humor that will not only make him burst out with a dirty laughter, but will also make him filthy rich.

Mooning Butt Shorts

This can be really naughty. Just get horny with your boyfriend. Gift him shorts and just cut the back side in the shape of his butts. Stitch it neatly so that the shape is completely prominent. Wrap it well and present it to him. Then just enjoy the prank.
The moment he opens it and tries to wear it, look at his expression. He is bound to exclaim in laughter, 'Oh my God, my naughty girl, you want me to moon my butt out!' Wasn't that a funny gag gift for men?

Gag Gifts for Dad

Your dad may have a very grave character and it takes the hell out of you and your mom to make him laugh. Well that doesn't mean his sense of humor is awful. He might be selective or he might have sworn to himself that unless the humor can break his heart, he's not gonna laugh.

Survival Kit

This is one of the homemade gag gifts that you can give to your dad on his birthday. Fill the kit with some funny trivial things reminding him of his old age.
Fill it up with things like artificial gums and teeth and magical dye that will keep his hair black forever. You can also contradict his age by packing a set of dumbbells or a few DVDs meant for the young generations. These things are bound to make your dad laugh.

Milk in Wine Bottle

Your dad might be very fond of wine, rum, or beer. However, this time some other drink is waiting for him inside his wine bottle. Replace wine with milk and add a tag in the bottle writing "Milk in Wine Bottle for Toddler in 50s". This doesn't make any sense, but is nonetheless funny.

Clock in Reverse Direction

Make a watch where the time run in reverse. When your dad sees the watch, he will be baffled. He won't be able to make out what's wrong with the watch.
When he comes to you with a question mark on his face, just tell him, 'Dad you're the coolest!' Check this watch, it reminds you that time has changed its course, it runs backwards, so your AGE!' This innovative present will not only make him laugh, but will make him feel young as well.
Gag gifts for men need not be complicated and tough to think. Just strike your thoughts and get some funny ideas to make gag gifts. Or else, pick up any of these gifts to just give away in this season. We wish you fun and laughter.