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Funny Gifts for Men

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla Feb 9, 2019
Be it birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion, funny gifts for men you love and adore are best to lighten up their hearts and make them smile. Here are some ideas worth trying the next time you go gift-shopping for your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, fiance, uncle, cousin or your best buddy!
A man's home may be his castle on the outside; inside, it is more often his nursery. - Clare Booth Luce
Indeed! However much a guy may insist on being the tough-and-not-moved-by-emotions creature, rest assured he is not! In case a man appears emotionally tough, practical, and somewhat cynical on the outside, make no mistake about the fact that he has managed to achieve this feat of putting up appearances after much practice!
Whether they say it or not, all men love being pampered and looked after by the women they love, be it their mothers, spouses, sisters, or female buddies. And you know what? Women absolutely love spoiling the men they adore!
Guys, this one's for you- no matter how much we crib about having to clean up after you and nag you about how you depend upon us , it would completely shatter us if you took those naggings seriously. Therefore, we bring you ladies some good options on funny presents so that you can bring a twinkle of surprise in the eyes of the man you cannot do without!

Amusingly Unique Gifts

When it comes to arranging a gift for someone very special, we often go that extra mile to get them something unique and out of the ordinary. You see, the novelty value lies not in the gift itself but in the efforts you put to get him something he could never have though of.
So, lets check out some suggestions on what could be amusing gifts for men that would tickle their funny bone and give them a humorous surprise!

Graffiti Beer Mugs

If your dad, friend, or partner has a knack for one liners, what better way to combine the universal male dedication towards beer with the recipient's own penchant for witty humor?
Depending upon who you're gifting, you can get beer mugs or shot glasses with a variety of graffiti on them. It could be funny quotes, naughty jokes, or anything else that would unfailingly elicit a burst of laughter or at least a reminiscent smirk every time he spares it a glance!

Bum Shorts

This one makes for a great gag gift for men and is ideal for giving your boyfriend or husband!
These shorts have fabric or spandex cutouts that look like an actual butt sewn or fixed upon the seat of the shorts. Upon wearing, it appears that the person's rear is mooning out of the shorts!

Funny Designer Ice Tray Sets

Boys will always be boys and they never get tired of toys! A set of ice trays with animal-shaped molds is a cute and funny gift for any guy, and you'll love the look of excitement on his face every time he slips in those ice dinosaurs or ice teddies into his scotch! There are some real cool silicone trays available online.

Printed Toilet Papers

This could undoubtedly be one of the most entertaining one among all funny one! No matter what they say, we all know how much time a man spends in the bathroom!
A toilet paper roll with jokes, puzzles, pictures, general knowledge trivia, or any other entertaining stuff printed on it will keep their spirits high while they are ... you know!

Butt Bank

Yes, it's the same as a piggy bank, except that instead of slipping coins inside the slit on the piggy's back, you'll be slipping them down an insertion space that is located in the middle of an upturned-butt! These banks are shaped in the form of a mooning butt of a kid with the pants pulled down!
Some other ideas on funny and amusing presents may include roasted beef flavored gums, bacon soap, underwear repair kit (don't roll your eyes, it's very much available!), denture-shaped bottle openers, remote-controlled fart machines, etc.
If the person takes pranks sportingly, you may opt for some of the most utilitarian gifts that double up as prank ideas and are a tad more daring than what we listed out here.
This could include setting a "fart" or "burp" ringtone on his mobile phone (without him knowing of course!), installing a toilet monster in your toilet bowl and closing the lid (look out for the scream when he goes inside the bathroom, you'll hear it as soon as he opens the lid!)
You can hide stink bomb vials under his car seat (as soon as he sits on them, the vials break, letting off a disgusting rotten-egg stench!), binocular flasks, etc. So, let the shoulder devil take over and give these guys the surprise/shock of their lives!