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Gift Ideas for A Female Boss

Girija Shinde Apr 28, 2019
A certain gift etiquette needs to be followed while buying a gift for your boss, especially if it is a female. Here are some ideas and suggestions that you can choose from. These comply by all the rules and manage to fit your bill, too.
Giving gifts is a tough task, not only because you have to find that one perfect gift, but also because you need to play by gift giving rules. The etiquette is different for every relation, but rarely are they mentioned. These may or may not be followed in informal relations, but in the professional world, one has to compulsorily follow them.
Before you start the quest for the perfect gift for your female boss, make sure you can give her one, because many organizations have rules which forbid employees from giving gifts to their boss, male or female.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is a common gift, as it is easy to get, can be compiled with apt accessories, and is a totally uncontroversial gift! Most of them are gourmet-themed, containing cookies, seasonal mix fruits, dry fruits, pretzels, candies, exotic chocolates, etc.
If your boss is a coffee or tea lover, you can gift her a coffee or herbal tea basket. You can even add a special 'boss day' mug to it, if you are gifting it to her on that occasion. If she is a fitness freak, gifting her a sugar-free gourmet package will be just appropriate.

Relaxing Gift

On some good occasion, gift her a spa gift certificate of the most reputed salon of the town. A good massage, accompanied with good music, and relaxing aromatherapy will surely rip her off her troubles, at least for a while.
And, it is a known fact that all women like to get pampered, so she will surely be impressed by this thoughtfulness! Who knows, this idea may put you in her good books, for some time at least!

Useful Gifts

Bosses need to be organized, so gifting her things to stay organized is a good idea. There are things like, padfolio, a pretty paperweight, marker board, leather-bound planner, pen stand, calculator, digital calendar, etc.
You can club two-three things and convert it into one, nice gift. This will make her happy, after all she is a professional women, and anything that can ease her work will be obviously welcomed by her.


There are other ideas like flowers, picture frames, picnic baskets, a pet carrier, etc., that you can choose from.
However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind while gifting flowers. Red roses are completely out of question. Instead you can give her a potted flower or a small potted plant, which can be placed on her desk without any hesitation.
Try to get to know her, what she is like when she is not a boss, what makes her smile and what blows her head off. This information, more than anything else, will help you choose the right gift for her.