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Family Reunion Gifts

Madhura Pandit Apr 19, 2019
Family reunions offer important give-and-take moments; when we share love, show concern and support, and exchange gifts. Here are some gift ideas for family reunion for everyone.
Family get-together or reunion is an occasion to bring all the members of a family together and have a memorable time in each other's company. Such occasions strengthen the bond in family relationships. Whether it is a small or a large family, a reunion is surely unforgettable.
If you are the host, you can select an apt location, send out invitations, plan interesting activities, etc. Exchanging gifts also forms a part of family reunions. Here are some ideas.

Gifts for the Entire Family

Take pictures of the reunion and send copies with quotes, messages or captions to all family members. You can even make an entire scrapbook out of the pictures of the entire event, or pictures showing each member from earlier times to the present.
Make a family tree chart, and distribute the copies amongst the group when all the members are together. You can even decorate it and adorn a wall. Formatted family tree charts can be prepared using printable templates.
You can even have custom-made personalized magazines having photographs of your family on the cover. Inside you can have pictures, family stories, and special memories shared by all the members of the family. A family magazine will truly be one of the best family reunion gifts.
Photographs on a canvas will also make a great gift. Take out your old family albums and select pictures that are really touching and meaningful.
For less personalized gifts, try gifting things that are useful, but not individually owned. You can gift attractive gift baskets like chocolate gift baskets, gourmet gift baskets, sports accessories, etc.

Gifts for Adults

Personalized gifts like coffee mugs, key chains, calendars, caps or t-shirts bearing the person's or the family name, will be good family reunion souvenirs.
You can even take preferences of the family members into consideration and gift each person individually. For e.g. a recipe book, a wine bottle, golf accessories, flower vases, etc.
Newlywed couples can be gifted a photo frame or memory books. You can even gift clocks or watches engraved with their family names.
Monogrammed bracelets, although a bit expensive, will prove to be a good gift for the ladies in the family, while men will love personalized beer mugs or wine glasses.

Gifts for Kids

Similar to the mentioned personalized items, mugs with photos or fridge photo magnets will be liked by kids. Monogrammed gift articles like t-shirts, caps, bags, etc., are good gifts for teenagers.
Kids will be happier if you gift them toys and games; try soft toys, blocks for toddlers, doll houses for girls, and board games for the older children. You may also get teddy bears with personalized messages.
Chocolates and cookies, backyard games, movie or music CDs are a sure hit among all the gift articles for children.
Whether it's organizing a reunion or buying gifts, proper planning is necessary. Although it is a time-consuming process, you will really cherish it. Personal gifts show your love and concern for your family members. Gift each family member with a special gift that will make the reunion a memorable one.