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Family Reunion Favors

Puja Lalwani Oct 21, 2018
Family reunion favors give every family member something by which they can associate with the family they belong to. To generate such an association and all the related positivity, take a look at some of these ideas for the same.
At a family reunion, you get together to relive old memories, to meet the extended family you never knew you had, and simply to reunite as a 'family'. The warmth that is associated with family, is best experienced at a family reunion.
You probably have an image of crazy family members making the most of the family reunion you are planning to host. While this may be the case sometimes, mostly, it's just a simple, fun affair. Now, you've probably done everything while planning a family reunion, to ensure that everything is perfect, from the invitations, to the food, to the activities.
But what about the favors? You do want your family members to go back with wonderful memories of the grand reunion you have planned, don't you? What can you give out as favors for family reunions? Take a look at some of these ideas that will solve your dilemma.

Family Tree

Nothing is better as a family reunion favor as a family tree. Find pictures of old family members, and create a scrapbook, or print these pictures on a t-shirt, and circulate them as gifts. These are one of the most personalized family reunion favors.
Now, if some of you are overwhelmed by the idea of searching for and discovering the roots of your family, start a family tree from your or your previous generation. Though in definition a family tree is supposed to comprise 'all' members of a family, create a new trend by starting your family tree from 'scratch'.
Create a scrapbook, with pictures of your family members, and let them add their own inputs to it. Circulate it around at the family reunion, and allow it to grow. Send out copies to all the members after the reunion.

A Real Family Tree

This implies gifting a tree sapling to all families, that they can plant in their yard, as a reminder of the wonderful family reunion you have hosted. It should be easy to plant, because not everyone has a green thumb.
Wrap around the sapling a little ribbon, and if possible, have your family name engraved on the pot. While the tree will be planted, the pot can remain as a favor. Don't forget to include instructions on how to plant the trees when you give them as favors.

Personalized Mouse Pads

Let's give out something that is slightly more affordable. Have the family name, the family reunion location, and the date of the family reunion printed on an interesting background, on a mouse pad. It is a great utilitarian favor, and you will definitely be remembered.

Baseball Caps with Candy Bars

Get the family name, and the date and location of the family reunion printed on baseball caps. Fill up the cap with candy bars of your choice, and wrap it with net and ribbon. These make great favors for a family reunion.
Everyone loves candy, and everyone wears baseball caps. These favors are great if you have organized a family reunion outdoors.

Key Chains

Key chains are not tacky gifts, especially when inscribed with the family name and the date of the family reunion. Use wooden key chains, or metal key chains. Use glass key chains with the details pressed within the glass. Unique, simple and wonderful.

Gift Basket

If you have the funds and want your favors to be really extravagant, just toss all these mentioned gifts in a gift basket, and hand them out as favors. This one cannot be forgotten. Just remember, you will raise the bar for every other family reunion hosted by other family members!
So after you've planned what your family would call the best family reunion ever, part with wonderful memories by handing out these great favors.