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Engagement Party Gift Etiquette

Stephen Rampur Sep 30, 2018
It can be very confusing whether or not to buy your friends a gift for their engagement party. Let's talk about the right etiquette for the same.
An engagement party is not considered as a gift giving event. Generally, only those very close to the couple or the families bring a present. However, it is not mandatory. The couple would also not be expecting any gifts at an engagement party.
You may instead buy gifts for the couple at their bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal shower; and more importantly, the wedding. Sometimes, the couple might follow a "No gifts" policy. A gift should not be taken if the couple has mentioned so. However, consider taking a gift in case you are not going to make it to the wedding or the other occasions.

Gift Ideas

If you are feeling awkward to go without a gift, you may want to choose a suitable one. The gift should be small and sweet. You may want to save high-ticket presents for the more important occasions.
Engagement gifts can be simple and inexpensive. Romantic gifts such as picture frames, or a book of love poems are the best for such an occasion. A bottle of wine or champagne, or a bouquet of flowers are also great ideas.
Other fun options include matching shirts, matching coffee cups or mugs, a book of gags and simple pranks, romantic-comedy DVDs, etc.
Whether you bring a present or not, it is always recommended to bring a congratulations card with a personalized message written on the inside. You may write a thought regarding why the two are a match made in heaven, or how to make a marriage successful and long-lasting (if you are married).
You may also get in touch with the couple's friends, and create a photo memory book of good times. You can put pictures that show fellowships shared among the couple, and your group of friends. A decorated box of chocolates is also an acceptable option as an engagement gift.
Things that will enable the couple to plan their wedding in an efficient and carefree manner can make wonderful gifts for the occasion. Such gifts may include a subscription to a bridal magazine, or a wedding planner diary.
You should make it a point to meet the couple in person and congratulate them. The couple should put the gifts aside, and give importance to the guest's presence. This will certainly help avoid embarrassment for those guests who did not bring gifts.