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Engagement Gift Baskets

Aparna Jadhav Mar 12, 2019
A gift basket is a collection of many small presents put together. These make for good engagement gifts, as the items can be personalized or themed. The following section gives more ideas on the same.
Gifting a couple on their engagement, wedding, or anniversary can be a confusing affair. Instead of giving separate gifts to each of them, making a gift basket with items for both of them or those which both can use, is a good option.
You can make these on your own with a collection of various types of gifts. They can also be themed. However, ensure that you don't add items meant for married couples in these baskets.

Engagement Gift Ideas

When a couple is engaged, they officially make the announcement of getting married. However, when it comes to gifting, you need not buy separate presents for each of them. Since they are a couple, you can always pick gift baskets which include a collection of various useful gift items which both of them can use. Given here is a list of ideas for the same.

Sweet Goodies Baskets

These baskets are very popular and also very commonly gifted.
While making these, you can add some delicious treats like candies and truffles, dark chocolate filled cookies, European milk chocolate bars, dark chocolate Ghirardelli bars, Italian chocolates dipped in hazelnut biscotti, chocolate drizzled popcorn, and many such other goodies. You can also include home baked cookies to add a personal touch.

Cocktail Baskets

These can include a mojito and cosmo mixer, some fine alcohol (white wine and vodka) bottles, party snacks like crackers, pita chips, sausages, and cheese dips, and other cocktail ingredients like syrups. You can also add a set of cocktail glasses to complete it.

Romantic Evening Baskets

In these baskets, you can add luxurious items like a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne, rose petals, a scented soy candle in a jar, a few white and dark chocolate candies and truffles, and a set of champagne glasses for a romantic evening for the couple.

Luxury Bath and Body Baskets

For this spa themed basket, you can include some bath and body goodies, which can include a bottle of perfumed body wash and moisturizer, a loofah sponge, scented candles, aromatic incense, and bubble soaps.
You can come up with some interesting and thoughtful gifts to express your happiness for the couple on the occasion of their engagement. You can also gift these baskets to your fiance or fiancee using many creative ideas.