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Employee Gift Ideas

Girija Shinde Oct 21, 2018
It is a universally accepted fact that a little appreciation makes a person happy and motivates him to perform his work with more sincerity. Here are some ideas that will be surely liked by your employees.
Employers usually give gifts to their employees as a token of appreciation. There are specific occasions on which the employers distribute gifts like a major festivals, holiday season, extraordinary success of the company, etc.
Thinking of a good gift can be quite difficult, as different kinds of people work in a company. Homemade gifts are also a complete no-no from both employee and employers side, as it is considered too personal.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are one of the most common holiday gift ideas for employees. You will find many ready-made gift baskets in the market, which are especially made for the corporate world. The most popular corporate gift basket is the gourmet gift basket.
It generally contains seasonal mix fruits, candies, cookies, crackers etc. Wine gift baskets are also quite popular, however they are expensive, compared to gourmet gift baskets.
If your company has achieved exceptional success and the number of employees is relatively less, champagne, and chocolates gift basket can be one of the best option.

Gift Certificates

There are many gift certificates that will make your employees happy, the popular ones being restaurant and shopping gift vouchers. If the majority of your staff are women, gift them a beauty salon gift certificate.
Gift certificates of nearby supermarket or local tourist attraction are some thoughtful options. The best thing about gift certificates is that they be can easily available in your budget.

Stress Busters

Employees are usually stressful creatures. A good employee who always meets his targets and the one who never does, are equally stressed. Stress buster gifts is one sure way to make your employees smile.
There are many popular items like stress buster smiley balls, herbal teas, CDs of soothing music, etc. You can also get stress buster baskets in the market which are filled with all these mentioned things. You can personalize all these by printing your company's logo on them.


Besides these corporate gifts there are many small employee gift ideas which are inexpensive but useful. These gifts include mugs, pen holders, notepads, pen, table clocks, diaries, etc. All these items will surely be used by the employees.
You can even engrave your employee's name on the gifts, this will make them feel special, it will also make them feel an important part of the company. This is inexpensive, but worth it.