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Eco-friendly Gifts

Eco-friendly Gifts

The world is suffering from many ecological problems and it is our duty to save it from the coming danger. We can start on a small scale by keeping in mind the amount of pollution our daily necessities cause, like the presents we gift our close ones.
Aparna Jadhav
Global warming is the current threat to our environment and nature. It is caused only by us and no one else, since we are so used to technology and mechanical instruments that cut down half our daily work. To find an easier way to do our work, we have come up with electrical appliances which contribute to a lot of environmental pollution. Industries and automobiles that run on many harmful chemical substances have depleted our only protection from the UV rays--the ozone layer. With so many problems hovering over our heads, we have to learn and improve. Gifts are something that we give to our friends and family to appreciate their existence in our lives. But in today's times, it's all about who gets the most expensive gifts, which only adds to the already existing dump. If you really want to make a change, try exchanging eco-friendly gifts which are more efficient and prove less of a menace to keep.

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

Giving someone a gift is a very personal issue and should be appreciated by the gesture, not by its cost. There are many gifts which are environment-friendly, beautiful to look at, and not very expensive because they are recycled. Recycling is a very useful concept that every self-sufficient human being in today's world must practice. We never realize its importance till it becomes a problem.

Gifts for Men
There are many recycled presents which you must have never thought of while getting a gift for a man. Since men are quite the fancy dressers and like stylish accessories, they wouldn't mind a little change of material in their gifts. You can give them:
  • Wallets made from recycled bicycle tire tubes
  • Organic cotton t-shirts and shirts in various colors and designs
  • Motherboard recycled coasters and card holders
  • USB solar chargers for gadgets
  • Paperless notepads for messages
  • Natural plant wax candles
  • Typewriter key cuff link
Gifts for Women
Women love gifts too and there are many eco-friendly options to gift from:
  • Recycled jewelry
  • Organic eye shadow palate with more than 20 shades
  • Body shop spa kits
  • Organic cotton clothes
  • Recycled handbags and wallets
  • Colorful recycled glass wind chimes and vases
  • Organic cotton linen
Gifts for Kids
You can gift these ecologically-friendly goodies to kids and inculcate the feeling of preserving nature at an early age.
  • Colorful water bottles
  • Cardboard playhouse
  • Organic cotton stuffed animals and clothes
  • Solar-powered race sets
  • Recycled baggage and backpacks
  • Eco-friendly lunch boxes
  • Recycled building sets
With these interesting gifts, you will definitely have the opportunity to bring about a change in your lifestyle as an ecologically-conscious citizen. Thus, make that little contribution to a clean and green environment.