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Easy Handmade Gifts

Easy Handmade Gifts

Do you want ideas for easy handmade gifts? In this article, we give ideas for handmade gifts that you can make without any difficulty whatsoever.
Tulika Nair
While store-bought gifts are great options, it is always nice to know that someone has put in thought and effort into something that they have bought for you. There are many handmade gift ideas that can be used to make easy handmade gifts. You do not have to be the most creative person on the planet in order to make beautiful handmade gifts. In this article, we give you some easy ideas to make gifts for your friends and family.

Handmade Gifts for Kids

Learning how to make crayons is extremely easy and they can be really good gifts for kids. If you have a lot of tiny stubs of crayons lying around, then you can use them to create big, multicolored pieces of crayons. Just melt them together and then use differently shaped molds to create fun and interestingly shaped crayons that kids can use to have a lot of fun. These can be great party favors.

Denim Wallet or Purse
Most kids want to do the same things as adults and giving them wallets or purses can be a great way of letting them feel adult-like for a bit. Make them wallets or purses out of denim using a pair of old denims. Remove the back pockets of the jeans using a seam ripper. Do this carefully and ensure that you do not rip the pockets in the process. Use the two pockets together to create a purse with handles made of ribbons. If you want to make a wallet, use other pieces of the denim to create a flap and compartments in the wallet. Sew the outside edges. Personalize the same with buttons and initials.

Felt Board
There is no kid on the planet who does not like to decorate felt boards with paper cuttings, photos, posters, drawings, etc. Make a felt board at home to harbor the creative instinct in your kid. All you need to make a felt board is felt paper, cardboard, glue, and a pair of scissors. Select a piece of cardboard and cut it to suit the size you desire. Now take felt paper that is larger than the board and stick it to the board. Stick the extra paper to the back of the board so that you give the felt board a nice shape. You can choose to decorate the board in a specific theme.

Handmade Gifts for Women

Cookies and Cakes
If your mother's perennial complaint is that you show absolutely no interest in anything that is faintly connected to the kitchen, then a great handmade gift for your mom would be to bake her some scrumptious sweet goodies as a gift. Even if you are no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, there are many easy to follow cookie recipes that you can use. Bake them and then put them into glass jar. Tie a ribbon around it and give your mother a gift that she will truly treasure, especially if she has a sweet tooth.

Most women are emotional and learning how to make a scrapbook with the fondest memories that you both have together can be a brilliant gift to give. Make a scrapbook with her favorite poems, photos, quotes, etc and you are sure to have an extremely happy person.

Handmade Jewelry
Making unique handmade jewelry is a very easy task. All you need are some beads, beading wire, hooks and clasps, and a design for the jewelry you are making. These are some of the easiest handmade gifts to make.

Handmade Gifts for Men

Distressed Photo Frame
The only expense in this gift idea is the money that you will spend on buying a picture frame. Once you have that take white paint and paint the picture frame completely. Now apply another coat and wipe gently with a rag. Now take an old kitchen knife and scrape away the paint in the corners or edges. Just scar the surface and do not penetrate the wood of the frame. You will be able to make a distressed photo frame from scratch using this simple method.

Stress Ball
An easy handmade gift for men is to make a stress ball. All you need is a small balloon which is made of thicker material than water balloons. Blow up the balloon and then place a funnel inside it. Now fill the same with cornstarch. Continue adding it till you can pin the opening of the balloon tightly. Ensure that no extra air remains in the balloon. Now tie the balloon as tightly as you can and decorate the same with stickers or with the help of permanent markers.

Desk Set
Another idea for an easy handmade gift for a guy friend is to make a desk set using various household containers. All you need are containers in different sizes, wrapping and craft paper, glue, scissors, and decorations. Before you start making the desk set, ensure that the containers are clean and do not have any remnants. Decide which container would be great for what purpose and then start decorating them with wrapping paper and different embellishments.

Now that you know what the different easy handmade gifts to make using different ideas are, you should have no problem making these homemade gifts. These gifts are not only great presents but also a representation of how much thought and effort has gone into the process from your side.
Wooden Frame
Glass lady's bead closeup
oatmeal cookies
Denim Wallet
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