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Ways to Use a Decorative Basket

Mamta Mule Apr 29, 2019
Decorative baskets can be used in various ways to spruce up your home decor. Presenting gift items or even fresh flowers in these makes it one of the best ideas for gifting. Presented here are a few ideas on all their different possible uses.
Apart from being used for gifting purposes, decorated gift baskets are commonly used in home decor as well, since they look so lovely and perfect. From flowers to artificial fruits to chocolates anything can be stored in them! Here's more about them and how to use them in various ways.


When you go shopping for the baskets, you are sure to be amazed about the huge variety that will be available. You will find that they are available in a number of materials, sizes, and shapes.
Choose from wood, bamboo, or wicker if you love the natural elements. These are available in shades of brown, cherry, and light brown. You also get them with or without lids and handles. Again, the shapes are sure to surprise you!
Wooden baskets with lids are popularly used for storing jewelry pieces. To place some delicate items, opt for decorative plastic ones with lids. For giving an elegant touch to the table decorations or kitchen decorations, you can have glass baskets to hold fruits and flowers.
Contemporary iron baskets are very unique and stylish. Decorative steel and aluminum versions work best for kitchen use. Well, if you want to add a completely lavish touch to your table or home decor go for the silver ones, available in a number of shapes and designs.

Possible Uses


Flowers look lovely in any of these baskets. When arranged nicely, it makes a perfect gift. Choose single-colored flowers of the same type or of different varieties. Add beautiful leaves and stalks, too. Add ribbons and laces and a sweet basket is ready, gift it or place it on a side table in your living room or in the window of the bedroom.
This is a great idea for wedding or birthday decorations. You may also add dried flowers, leaves, or potpourri to it and place it in your bedroom for better interiors. You can also add Spanish moss or small curly willow branches to it. Add ribbons of suitable colors to further adorn it.


This will look extremely beautiful. Pick some hanging plants and get big round-shaped baskets with no gaps in between.
Plant the saplings in them and just look how beautiful they appear. You can also opt for artificial hanging plants and fix them in these baskets. Hang the basket in the sunroom, porch, or even in the interiors to add up to the house decorations. It's sure to look classy.


Using baskets to hold fruits and placing them in the kitchen or on the dining table is a popular idea.
What's more, you can also opt for artificial fruits instead of the real ones. Place this fruit basket on your refrigerator or kitchen showcase or on the table in the drawing room as a centerpiece, believe me, it will look amazing.


Large baskets with lids are available in various shapes and can be used to keep unused items in your bedroom.
Close the lid and tie an elegant metallic ribbon and place it in a corner, to hide the clutter and make it look like a decorative piece. Small baskets can be used as pen stands on office or study table. Use flat ones with lids to place your documents safely on the shelves. Those with lids can be used for carrying food and other items on a picnic.

Home Decor

Pick small baskets and place 3-4 smaller soft toys in one. Keep this in your car or floating wall shelves.
You can also have small cylindrical baskets and place one small toy in each of them and then hang these in various corners in your house. Add artificial organdy or silk flowers to this basket, colorful ribbons, and place them on the open shelves or side-tables.

Gift Packing

Gifts can be made special by wrapping them up beautifully. Baskets are used for decorative packaging.
Gift baskets are given on various occasions, you can use wicker baskets of suitable shapes and unique shapes. Customized or personalized baskets of wood, wicker, or plastic are very popular. Decorative boxes are used to safely and creatively pack an item to be gifted. You can paint these and add embellishments to make them even more personalized.
These were just some of our ideas of using baskets. You can use them in many more creative ways to add up to the interior home decor.