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Dating Anniversary Gifts

Dating Anniversary Gifts

Is your anniversary just round the corner and you still don't know what to gift your better half? Perfect dating anniversary gift ideas are available right here to help you choose the perfect gift for your lover and make his/her day a little more special.
Ashlesha Bhondwe
Dating is all about romance and that warm fuzzy feeling every time you think of him/her. It's all very romantic and exciting, but most of the time this feeling takes the face of extreme paranoia when it's time to buy a perfect anniversary gift. So, what is it that you must gift your date, to make the day special? How not to make it look 'overdone', but yet super special? What are the perfect gifts for your loved one? Here is a list that you can choose from and not be embarrassed for not having figured out the right gift.

Gifting in general is a tricky affair, and if it's for a special someone, you need to be a little more careful. The kind of gift will definitely differ for couples who have been dating for a few months than couples who have been dating for a couple of years. Here is a list which will help you find your perfect gift.

First Year Anniversary Gift

It's been a year, how does it make you feel? Isn't it a wonderful feeling? One year is a solid amount of time spent together and you must put a lot of thought in the gift for this anniversary. Sometimes, just thinking about the other person gives you an idea for a nice gift. Think of some romantic date ideas that will make a wonderful memory for years to come. If not, here is a list of gifts for the year of togetherness:
  • A poster of the first movie you saw together.
  • A scrap book of your favorite "first" memories, like the first joke you shared, pressed flowers from the first time you got her flowers, movie stubs from the first movie you saw together, your first picture clicked together, etc. Leave the last page blank to paste a picture of your one year anniversary.
  • Engraved gifts, likes jewelry or photo frames.
  • One of the most ideal first year gifts for him is getting tickets to watch his favorite sport, it's a sure shot way to make him realize that you do care about him.
Second or Third Year Anniversary Gift

The second year of your relationship can be made memorable by creating even better memories, such as taking a trip to your favorite holiday destination. A romantic getaway is the best way to rejuvenate and rekindle your love. You can think of some romantic gifts for him, such as tattooing his name or playing intimate games where every time he wins he gets a love coupon. These anniversary celebrations should be more about getting even closer and intimate in terms of gifts. A self-composed song or poem is the perfect idea for celebrating your love.

If you have celebrated more than three years together, it's probably time to pop the question which would make it one of the perfect gifts for her. She is probably waiting for you to make the move. An engagement ring after three years is quite perfect. Prove it to her that you are in this for a solid long run!

Couples who are celebrating monthly anniversaries, there are some gift ideas for you as well. Here is what you could gift your date.
  • For the first month, try to keep it light and fun. You don't want to scare the other person off by seeming too clingy. A nice movie would be just fine.
  • For the second or third month anniversary, a small gift, like tickets to a concert or a small dinner date, can be quite enjoyable.
  • Six month anniversaries are a wee bit serious, where gifts for her can include jewelry, flowers along with a personal note, a day at the spa, or even naming a star after your loved one. Try the last one and you would definitely be her star.
For Her
  • Her favorite perfume
  • Lingerie
  • Clothes
  • Watches, bracelets, earrings, etc.
  • Assorted chocolates
  • Beauty products
For Him
  • Watch
  • Accessory for his car
  • Sporting equipment
  • Tie and cuff links
  • A distiller or beer machine
All these ideas are bound to bring a smile on your beloved's face. Remember that it's important to add a personal touch to your gift to let them know that they are special.
Wristwatch macro
Collection of cosmetic products for skincare
Bowl of tempting chocolates
Bracelet with silver hearts inlaid with diamonds
Perfume bottle
I wrote this song for you