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Cute Presents for your Boyfriend

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 25, 2019
There is nothing unique about a watch, wallet or a pair of glares, as compared to a gift that is handmade. Which is why cute presents are those which hold the old school charm, a hint of nostalgia, and craft that is truly yours. Let's take a look at some of the gift options.
Buying a gift for your boyfriend is the most difficult thing to do. It gets even more difficult when you have been dating for a long time, as gift options get exhausted with every passing year. With little to choose from, getting a gift for a man who is picky, is even more difficult.
This birthday, forget about those commercialized gifts and try your hand at putting together a gift idea that is really romantic. It is the whole process of making a gift that rekindles the romance as compared to going out and buying something.
Homemade gifts are unique which is why they are kept for a far longer time than gift that is bought from a shop. Add a little bit of mush to the macho side of your boyfriend such presents. Here, half your battle is already won. The only part remaining is making them. Let's see what are some of the novel ideas ever.

Picture Perfect

No, not pictures of two of you. To make this cute gift for him, all you need as many pictures of you as possible. You can include pictures from your childhood as well. Print these photographs in the A6 paper size. Bind them and make a small booklet out of it.
Fold an A4 size construction paper into half and paste the picture on it. Decorate cover of this booklet with love message, stickers and other embellishments. Gift this booklet to him with a tag that says 'The girl who gives you butterflies in the stomach'! This is a perfect gift if your boyfriend is leaving town for sometime.


Want to gift him a little more than a card? A jackpot inspired cute gift makes both of you participate to complete it. Cut out lots of hearts in various colors. Write treats for him on those hearts such as foot rub, back rub, long drive, romantic dinner, movie and whatever else comes to your mind.
Paint the treats with a light coat of sparkle paint, so that it looks like one of those scratch-to-win coupons. Fold an A4 size construction paper into half and paste these hearts inside it. On the top of the card paste a picture of jackpot to give him a clue before he opens it! Treat him with what the heart says when he opens them one by one.

Postcard Romance

In the age of cell phones and Internet, postcards have long forgotten. Bring back the retro romance in your relationships with postcards. This cute present for your boyfriend is again for a couple that is living out of a suitcase.
Make postcards out of pictures that you have taken of the place around you. Include a few pictures of you as well. Share your experiences with him through those postcards and make him feel as though he is a part of all things you've done.
Revive the long distance romance by telling each other the most frivolous things you've done. Instant messaging has stolen the charm of writing long love letters. Here's your chance to write some along with the postcards.

How Old Are You?

Birthday gifts are hardest to think of and most often than not, we end up buying the same old conventional gifts. This birthday do something different by thinking a little out-of-the-box. So how old is he turning this year? If he is turning 25, buy him those many gifts.
Since these are too many gifts, buy him one expensive gift, which he really wants and put in 24 small gift items such as chocolates, cards, a pen, a cell phone holder, accessories, a CD of your favorite songs or the first movie you saw together, bake him a cake and other such things. Watch him open each present with a surprise!
Getting that personal touch to a gift is only through homemade gifts. Hope these spice up your celebration of love no matter what the occasion.