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Cute and Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Deepa Kartha Sep 30, 2018
It's your mother's birthday next week and you are already tight on your budget. Such situations can make it extremely difficult for you to buy a good gift. But who said gifts should be expensive to be valued? Anything that is given with lots of love would definitely be appreciated by people.
Gifts are something that we give as a token of love and appreciation to the people we love. Occasions, including birthdays, weddings, valentine's day, Christmas, and anniversaries are a time of happiness, and receiving a gift definitely adds to the feeling of delight.
Giving a gift for birthdays or weddings every month may not be affordable. Here's where inexpensive gifts come into the picture. There are numerous gifts that can be gifted to your near and dear ones, which are not very expensive, and at the same time are very cute and adorable.
People who really like you would never look at the cost of the gift you give them, but only the underlying emotion with which you give the gift. So, it would be great if you could come with a thoughtful gift idea that would brighten the special day of a dear one.


Photographs are a great way of recollecting old days and memories. So, why not give a photo gift? If your childhood friend is getting married, and you are thinking of a gift that would always stay with her, this can be a fabulous idea.
Collect lots of photographs of you and her from old albums and arrange in a beautiful manner in a photo album or in a scrap book with little messages and quotes on each page. If you are good with computers, create a collage and gift it by framing it in a beautiful and inexpensive photo frame.

Make a Greeting Card

Nowadays, buying a greeting card can be quite expensive. However, you can always make them with the things you have at home. To make a greeting card, you would need construction paper, some colored pens, decorative items, and lot of creativity.
If you are not able to come up with any good ideas, you can always check on the Internet for innovative ideas. Create a greeting card and write a few lines as per the occasion and about the person you want to gift the card to.


Are words a great way to express your feelings? Giving a letter as a gift is a great idea. This can be given to your parents, siblings, friends, spouses and lovers, where you can express your feelings and thank them for being a part of your life. They'll love and cherish it.

Homemade Treats

If you love cooking, making homemade treats would be a great gift idea. Plan a special dinner for the person by cooking his/her favorite dishes. If you don't have time to make a whole dinner, baking a chocolate cake or cookies at home can be a great idea.

Gift Baskets

Gifting a basket full of goodies can be a cute idea. Choose things the other person likes. If it is your teenage sister's birthday, pack some cosmetics, like nail polish, lip gloss, blush, etc.
Make a gift basket containing some handmade jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, etc., made of beads and non-precious stones.

Recipe Book

Giving a recipe book would be a good idea for people who love cooking. However, buying a recipe book can be quite expensive. You can download some good recipes from the Internet, print them at home and bind them together to make a book.


Candles are a favorite among all, especially women. There are a variety of candles of different colors and shapes. You can also go for some inexpensive aromatic candles. Gifting a candle stand along with the candles would also be a great idea.
If you start thinking about it, you can surely come up with more ideas. One must realize that it is not the price tag of a gift, but the feelings with which it is given that really matters. A present that is given with love will always be cherished as a priceless gift forever.