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Cute Gift Ideas

Rohini Mohan Jun 18, 2019
Why not gift something special and unique for a change this time on, and see how people receive your handmade presents? Collect a list of some simple and cute gift ideas, so that you can make them in a jiffy as and when there is a need.
Why go in for the same old cliched gifts, which every other person on earth may have already tried and tested? Why not go in for something new and unique, just like you? That was not with a pun intended, it just meant that your gifts should show off your personality, they should have the added touch of creativity.
The only way you can achieve such a seemingly impossible task is to, simply try to come up with your own gift ideas. The one you love will only be flattered and will more likely than not, treasure your handmade gifts for years. The reason being that, you took the time and the efforts to make that gift, while you still had the option of doing it the easy way.
A handmade gift shows the depth of your feelings and it lets the other person really appreciate the gesture. You need not make something extravagant and instead go in for simple gifts that can be remembered. Here are some gift ideas that you can seek inspiration from.

The Scroll

Make a scroll using handmade paper, which you can buy from any art and craft store. You can also go in for a scroll made of fabric such as silk or satin. Write a self composed poetry, song or passages for the one you love. You may also use spray paint for decoration.
Use bamboo sticks or hand carved sticks for the scroll if you prefer to give it the authentic vintage appeal. You may stitch the edges using golden thread. Stick photographs or make a collage of tiny photographs, along with the writings.

Make a Flip Book

Write the story of how both of you met and how the journey and your relationship has progressed over the past few months or years. You need not know how to sketch or paint, instead you can make tiny stick figures on each page.
Make these figures showing what you have described in each specific page and progress to the next pages similarly. When you finally finish completing the flip book, flip the pages and see if the images depict the story as well.
Even if you do a rather bad job at it, this unisex gift deserves credit for the sheer amount of hard work put into making it. If you do not want to make a flip book, simply make random sketches and write how you remember and feel about that particular moment.

Digital Love

Make a slideshow presentation of all the candid moments through photographs. Use photographs from all stages of the persons life, and add funny or emotional subtitles to them.
Add appropriate songs for the background, or an even better idea would be to record your own voice saying sweet words to describe the moments for the person being gifted this special gift.
You can even do the same by adding a collection of small videos that both of may have taken off each other, or videos of when your boyfriend or girlfriend was just a kid. This one would make a beautiful gift and shall be forever remembered.

Get a Card Printed

Take one of your boyfriend's or girlfriend's best photograph and get it digitally printed as a watermark. The card would have a really unique appeal.
You can then write loving quotes and sentences, just to let them know how much you love them. You can make this card by using a normal printer as well, though using a glossy paper will definitely make it look more amazing.

Play Treasure Hunt

Leave small clues all over their house, so that they can go searching for their gifts. Now add a sweet twist, instead of one treasure at the end of the hunt, add gifts at each clue!
This will let you shower them with tiny gifts, such as chocolates, watches, earrings, cufflinks, or absolutely anything under the sun. And do let the last gift be you!

Cook a Meal

You may be a dreadful cook, but getting the ingredients off the net will make the job easier.
Cook a delicious meal for him or her, along with their favorite wine and music. If you can't dance, simply sway together to the music and that would call for an; ever so romantic dinner. Gift them something special at the end of the dinner, just so as to add to the surprise.

Gift a Pet

Get the person you love, a pet that they have always wished to have. The safest bargain would be to go in for an adorable puppy or some cute kittens.
Though, make sure to find out whether they are allergic to any of these animals or not. If you do manage to gift them a pet, there is a very likely chance that this gift will top the charts, of the all time best gifts ever!

The Need of the Hour

Finally, the best option would be to give someone a gift that you know for a fact, is needed by them. A gift that they have been longing for, can be given either as a gift or through a pool fund, where other friends and family get together and contribute for the gift.
This is a good and economic way of buying a single, useful, expensive, memorable, and long-lasting gift for someone very special. If you are in doubt as to what your friend may need, you should simply ask them so that your gesture and the gift, does not go to waste.
You can make any day special by giving gifts or thank you notes to all your loved ones. It need not have to be just on their birthday or for an anniversary. So try coming up with some really cute gift ideas, which according to you will please them and make them smile every time they see it.