Creative Ways to Give Money as Gifts

Giving money as a gift to someone may not really sound tasteful sometimes. However, with these creative ways to gift money, one can surely enhance the way money can be given as gifts.
Shopping for gifts is something we all love to do. Buying things for our near and dear ones and watching a smile spread across on their face is really a priceless moment. The joy of gifting things to others cannot be described. However, there are times when you might feel perplexed thinking about the right gift. That is when one feels giving money can be a better option, as the recipient can at least purchase something he/she likes or can save it for a rainy day. Money is especially a good idea to gift teens when you do not really find something appropriate in the gift shops. Yet, there are many who feel gifting money does not really seem a very nice option, as it does not look personalized. However, there are many creative ways to give it a personal touch. It also removes that initial awkward feeling one gets while gifting money for any occasion.

Creative and Fun Ways to Gift Money
  • Buy a tiny piggy bank or any such fun gift that has a combination lock. Place the money inside this, and wrap it up. Gifting a piggy bank that has a combination lock will also teach the recipient the importance of saving money. This idea can be specially useful for little ones.
  • A treasure hunt will work well with teens. Mark particular areas around the house and leave clues. Once you give the recipient the first clue, he/she will have a fun time solving the puzzle. Finding money once the last clue has been resolved will add to the excitement and take away the otherwise 'drab feeling' of receiving money as a gift.
  • If it is a birthday you are planning for, tape the money to the tail of the balloon. This will make it appear like a kite tail. Let the balloons loose into the room once the recipient wakes up. Let them float around the room, but make sure that the windows are closed, or else someone else may have a happy time with the cash gift!
  • Gifting cash to teens or little ones can be somewhat dicey in case they spend everything in one go. To avoid such a situation, you can make discount coupons at home. Decide the amount to be gifted, and prepare the coupons accordingly. For example, you can allot a certain amount as shopping expense and some for movies. The recipient can then come to you with the coupon, as and when he/she wishes to spend the money.
  • Making money origami is another neat idea. However, this would require practice with paper origami. Browse online or equip yourself with books on origami. Once you get the hang of it, you can make origami items without fretting about tearing the notes.
These creative ideas to give money as a gift are bound to delight recipients. Gifting money is no longer a boring task as you can see.