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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 2, 2019
As a token of appreciation, it is only befitting to give a gift to each of your groomsmen, where the given ideas should be of help when picking one out.
They say that the joy of giving is unparalleled, especially if the occasion is a wedding. There are several gifts that you can choose from depending on your budget. You could give a groomsman a personalized gift if you're artistically inclined, or look into what he likes before scouring countless stores.
It's always better to have an idea of what someone likes, so that your gift doesn't come off as impersonal. We impart some ideas on what sort of gift to give your groomsmen.

Cool Gift Ideas for a Groomsman

Customized Goodies

While we're big fans of custom-made T-shirts and the like, we analyze if whether they're wearable, usable, or just something that holds sentimental value, choosing the most appropriate option. In the case of a T-shirt, you can have something fun printed on it that won't stop your groomsman from wearing it.
A cool quote should suffice: 'World's Number 1 Groomsman (And Single Too)'; just be sure he's actually single! You could even choose a great photograph of you posing with him, and have it printed on a coffee mug, or better yet, pick a dozen photographs that you like best of the wedding, and create a calendar.

Fitness and Sports

Is he a fitness junkie? Then a pedometer makes for a perfect gift, or how about a gift basket full of healthy goodies with a recipe book tailor-made for the manly man? If he's into sports, first find out which one he's into before you get him either sports gear, a tracksuit, jersey of his favorite team, or pair of cool kicks.
If he's a tech guy, an iPod or iTouch is sure to get him excited. A pair of quality music speakers that he can hook up to his car or carry anywhere while on the go, is a new thing that's gaining popularity the world over, making it a totally neat gift option.
If he digs sporty shoes, Reebok and Nike have reinvented the very idea of wearing these comfortable kicks, where your groomsman is sure to be pleased.

Gardening and Music

There are a lot of guys out there who enjoy gardening as much as women do, so here's your chance to give him something off the hook, like gardening gear, a photographic garden manual, baby plant, or gift basket with plant seeds, an instructional manual, and even a couple of DVDs on how to turn a garden into an extraordinary outdoor space.
For music fanatics, especially those who are constantly in touch with the music scene, a pair of high-end headphones or music CD box set of their favorite artist, is sure to be highly appreciated.

Clothes and Accessories

You can't deny how important it is for a man to be groomed and up-to-speed with the trends that work, and those that don't.
Find out discreetly if there's anything missing from his wardrobe that you can get as a surprise gift, or add to a current collection of something that he's constantly updating, like a bow tie, snazzy neck tie, or cufflinks.
If he has a love for timepieces, you can consider buying him a wristwatch, or better yet, an antique pocket watch. Don't be afraid to consider other options like a well-fitted blazer, sunglasses, or even a refined shaving set.