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Special Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend That are Obviously Adorable

Creative Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend
While stores stock up on products and other goodies for shoppers to gift-wrap for occasions, there are many out there who prefer to take the creative route - homemade gifts. While it may sound complicated to many who'd rather gift-wrap a ready-made one, others think that the effort and time are worth the cause.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Handmade gifts
When making a decision to create a gift for a boyfriend - or anyone for that matter - it is important to have all the necessary materials on hand. Planning plays a major role, where you have to take time out from your schedule and gather the raw materials, before you then sit down to begin the process. While this is a fantastically cool idea, the options can be pretty limited unless you follow detailed instructions right down to a tee. Some may think that it's a waste of time to make a gift from scratch, but it makes the giving so much sweeter when it's been put together with such effort. Don't listen to what critical people say, because you know better than anyone else, what you're doing.

There are a ton of DIY ideas crowding the web, where it can seem like a mind-boggling decision to make. Fret not, for we've compiled a bunch of great ideas that won't burn a hole in your pocket, or give you sleepless nights. You'll find creative gift ideas for your boyfriend that range from a tad complex to extremely simple, where you can combine the ideas to create a gift basket of sorts.
Unique Creative Gifts for Boyfriends
Seashell Art
Antique Mirror Decorated with Shells
Materials Required:

~Driftwood (4 parts) / cardboard frame cutout)
~Measuring tape
~Lead pencil
~Seashell variety, fake / dried starfish
~Plain mirror
~Sticky Ass Glue Waterproof, Stubbornly Strong Glue (or something of a similar make)
~Sandpaper (optional)
~Nails + hammer
~Medium-sized rope
There's no need to reconsider making this gift because trust me, it is quite easy to. First, if possible get four parts of driftwood or any kind of wood that you see fit for use. It should be long enough to cover the four sides of the mirror, with a little excess to form the frame where the ends will meet. It can be left jagged, although do make sure there aren't any splinters or sharp edges in sight - you can use sandpaper to smoothen the irregularities. Also, you can use the sandpaper to give the wood a clean finish. Use the nails to hammer the wood into place before using the glue to affix the mirror behind it.

Turn over the mirror and admire your handiwork before proceeding to the next step. Place the seashells and starfish in a decorative fashion along the frame's surface, using the glue to keep them in place. You can create a cluster of these, or stick to a minimalistic design if you wish. And that's all there is to it! The last step is to drill two holes 4 inches apart from each other at the top of the frame at the epicenter, before fastening the rope through them to create a loop. Make sure the knot you make is tied tightly, so that the mirror doesn't fall off the wall. If you can't find driftwood or wood in general, you can always use a cardboard frame as a substitute. You could work out the same idea using an old picture frame and place a mirror inside.
Light Up His Life
Blue romanticism 2
Materials Required:

~Essential oils (of your choice, must be suitable only for gel candles and not for personal purposes)
~Embeds (pearls, seashells, colored stones, sand, marbles, or crystals - all nonflammable)
~Zinc wicks
~Color dye (liquid, any light color)
~Glass jar
~Stainless steel pot
~Cooking thermometer
While the process requires a lot of attention and care, you can always opt for a gel candle-making set that comes with everything you need, plus the instructions. To begin, place a little hot glue at the center of the glass jar's bottom. Stick the zinc wick in it and let the glue harden before continuing to the next step. Make sure the zinc wick is upright and not curled at the bottom of the jar. Let it rest on the mouth of the jar as the wick sets at the bottom. Next, break up the gel and place them in the stainless steel pot on a medium flame. Place a cooking thermometer in the pot, make sure the temperature of the gel is at a constant (200°F). Don't overheat the gel; once it melts it should look like sugary syrup sans lumps.

Add the color dye but not too much because you want it to be clear enough to see the embeds. The essential oils you use cannot be the kind that is bought from a cosmetic store, but from a place where it is deemed safe for use in candle-making. Add about two tablespoons of the essential oil to the gel mix. To achieve a clear appearance that is free from bubbles, take the pot off the stove and set it in the oven at 150°F for about a minute. Dip individual embeds carefully into the gel using a pair of tongs and place them along the sides of the jar, away from the zinc wick at the center. Gently pour the hot gel into the jar once it is done heating in the oven, making sure the wick is still standing. The zinc wick should ideally be at least an inch and half above the gel layer. Let it cool down to room temperature before you gift-wrap it.
Weighed Down by Love
Colorful wrapped chocolates
Materials Required:

~8 cardboard squares (5x5)
~One pack of wax crayons (medium-sized, not small)
~Heart-shaped mold (meant for baking)
~Cutting board
~Super glue
~Colorful markers
~Heart stencil
~Plain white paper sheets
The first step is to remove the paper holding each individual crayon - chop the crayons all at once, into tiny irregular pieces. Place the pieces into each heart mold; enough to fill each one. You can make more batches if you have any leftover crayons, or you could just make one batch of 8 or less. Place the heart mold in the oven at 230°F for 15 minutes. Slip the mold out of the oven, and presto - perfectly baked mosaic hearts. Carefully remove each one from the mold once they cool down, keep them aside.

The next step is to place the heart stencil on the cardboard square - carefully trim the excess by following the heart's shape using the pair of scissors (do this for the rest). Use white paper against the cardboard heart cutout and follow the edges with the scissors again. Include multiple cute messages along the paper heart's circumference. Glue the paper cutouts to the cardboard - you'll now have 8 white heart cutouts superimposed on the cardboard ones. Lastly for the finishing touches, glue each crayon heart to the center of each cutout - leave it aside to dry. The perfect paperweights for your boyfriend are now ready to be gifted.
A Burst of Color
Glowing Blue and Red Neon Colors in a Vase
Materials Required:

~Old wine / beer bottle (you could even use an old glass vase)
~Americana Gloss Enamel (3 colors of your choice)
~Paint brush
~White / black gloss enamel
Take the glass bottle and use the funnel to gently pour about two tablespoons of gloss enamel (one at a time) into it. Remove the funnel and then gently invert the bottle so that the colors trickle towards the bottle's mouth, creating colorful streaks as it spreads. Keep twisting the bottle in different directions until the gloss enamel stops running along the inside. Use the hairdryer to help it set faster. After about 30 minutes, repeat this step with the other two gloss enamel colors, but using only a tablespoon of each. Twist it about once again and watch the colors spread into striking lines and curves, again using the hairdryer to quicken the drying process.

Once it completely dries, you can use the white / black gloss enamel to add little details on the bottle's surface, using the paint brush. Set it aside to dry. You can coat the entire bottle from within using one solid color. Try all sorts of color combinations; you could even include glitter in the gloss enamel mix to sparkle things up for your makeshift vase.
Submerged Memories
Materials Required:

~Mason / ordinary jar
~Photograph of you and your boyfriend
~Sunflower oil (nice pale yellow) / light-colored water
~Glitter (gold, 1 small packet)
This is the simplest way to encase a memory using a method that's not conventional, or been tried before. Take the jar and unscrew the lid, placing the photograph along the jar's curvature - you can use super glue to keep it in place. If the photograph peaks above the jar's mouth, trim the excess. Once it dries, pour the sunflower oil or colored water into the jar, plus the glitter, and tightly screw it shut. The oil should be filled to about ½ an inch away from the mouth of the jar. Your guy can place it anywhere in his room or home next to a light source that will illuminate the pretty jar, that also doubles into a snow globe (well, sort of). Two thumbs-up!
Knit Craze
Winter cap and mittens knitted with jackard motifs. on white
Materials Required:

~Knitting / crochet set
~Colorful, quirky knit
If you've never knit before, now is the best time to learn how to. It can be quite relaxing while knitting away, especially since it is the most budget-friendly option to actually buying knitwear. Choose patterns that are upbeat and in tune with the season since knits are all about vibrancy. But if your guy likes to keep it low-key, then opt for darker shades that won't cramp his style. You can make his socks a little fun-looking though. Crocheting is also a great option for those who already know the ways of this method, where you can make all kinds of nifty accessories like cell phone covers, buttoned slip-ons, leg warmers, and the like. Experimentation has no bar, in this regard.
One Big, Happy Family
People Diversity Faces Human Face Portrait Community Concept
Materials Required:

~Photographs of colleagues / friends / family members wearing wacky costumes or accessories
~Large poster-sized sheet
~Heart cutout
~Black marker
Have everyone pose for you that your boyfriend is close to or knows from say, work or school, and take their photographs individually. Glue these on a large poster, and leave it aside to dry. You could also include a birthday message by letting each person hold a colorful alphabet that spells it out, before taking the photograph. If that's too much for you to do, if perhaps your schedule is crammed with work or you can't seem to find the time, then go with a simple photograph of yourself (taken in a studio, for a professional finish) holding up a heart cutout with a special message scribbled across its front. Frame either of the two ideas by visiting a store that can do this for you at a minimal price. Your boyfriend will be reminded of how lucky he is to have so many great people in his life, including you.
These gift ideas are sure to get him adoring you even more than usual. Your hard work and innovative thinking will score you brownie points, no doubt. Look for other ways to create one-of-a-kind gifts that can stand the test of time, where the options are limitless for such DIY ventures. Good luck!
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