Cool Gifts for Guys who Have Everything

If you are trying to find some cool gifts for guys who have everything, let me tell you, they don't always have everything! Find some interesting gift ideas in this article.
GiftinGlory Staff
Who says it's only women who are flattered when they receive a gift? Men are equally crazy about gifts, maybe even more, but they would rather expect you to stick to the specifics of their choices. It is a commonly understood fact that gifts ideas for guys are very limited, as compared to women. But you can be as versatile and unique using these ideas. There are many things such as clothes, accessories, and gadgets, which a man can't get enough of. So, you can either come up with a few creative ideas about cool gifts or you could use some safe gift ideas such as those mentioned above. Whatever you choose to present, a gift has its own personal emotions attached and will have the same importance even if the person already has it. However, to make this job easy for you, we have a few ideas mentioned in the paragraphs below.

Personalized Gifts
  • Giving a personalized gift would work as the gift would be truly unique.
  • How many of us actually go through the effort of coming up with an idea for a personalized gift, looking for places where we would get them and then pay a wholesome amount for the same?
  • This is what makes a personalized gift so special, because it is not only custom-made for a particular person but displays all the efforts and time spent in getting it made.
  • There are many ideas which you can use for such personalized gifts like glass coasters, lock back knives, hip flasks, glass tumblers, island shooter glasses, beer mugs, coffee mugs, personalized watches, mahogany premium wood keepsake, etc.
Desk Accessories
  • Every guy spends more hours in his office than at home, and giving him some great desk accessories that he doesn't have can be a great idea.
  • A few gifts for men who have everything, could be different types of desk accessories available in stores like The Thinker pen holder, letter openers, personalized note jotters, leather journals, bobble-heads, paperweights, stress balls, "Master of the Messy Desk" mugs, customized mouse pads, desk calendars, desktop toys, quoted paperweights or note holders, and many more accessories.
  • You can make sure he doesn't have these and then get them, which I am sure he would love to use. If he has a whole cabin/cubicle to himself, you could get him some funny and inspirational posters, picture holders, and magnets so that he could add some color to his boring office days.
His Favorites
  • You can also get him something he's always wanted and hasn't been able to get it for himself.
  • Guys too have favorites and they turn into little kids when they get it! You can first find out what he is crazy about.
  • If collecting items is his hobby, you can get him the next edition of whatever he collects. For example, DVDs, TV show series, comic books, merchandise of his favorite rock star/actor/player/team, a signed guitar/football/watch/jersey, etc.
  • You can get him subscriptions to his favorite magazine too. If he's into cooking and dancing or wants to join a club or likes to try random adventure sports, you could surely gift him a membership.
Extras with a Brand
  • If you remember reading about regular gifts such as clothes, accessories, appliances and tools, which men don't mind upgrading, can also prove to be a good gift.
  • They can never have too many of these things as they are treated as necessities rather than luxuries. Therefore wardrobe essentials, shoes, grooming kits, perfumes, winter wear, gadgets, kitchen requirements, premium liquor (absolutely any alcohol will do), portable tools, car stereos, etc. could be the perfect gift for the guy who has everything.
  • If you don't know what he wants among these things, you could probably just take him out shopping and pay for the gift, so you don't have to worry about him not liking his surprise!
I hope that you found useful ideas for getting him a unique present! Thus, if you think he has everything, I would suggest you think again.
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