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5 Cool and Funky Gift Ideas for Guitar Players

5 Cool Gift Ideas For Guitar Players
A thoughtful gift is often well-appreciated. If you want to get your guitar-playing buddy a gift that he'd love but don't know what he or she would like, here are some really cool gift ideas that you could choose from!
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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018
Gifts For Guitar Players
Consider the level of expertise of the person, if the person is still learning, gift him a guitar learning book, advanced lessons, or may be a gTar. Know the kinda music he or she is into, before gifting band T-shirts, concert tickets, or books.
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Music has the power to heal all wounds, big or small. It can express emotions when words fail and take you on a journey of self-discovery. The kind of music you listen to reveals more about you. To be a good musician, it takes intense passion, dedication, undying love for music, and of course, a great deal of creativity.
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If you really admire the musical soul of a buddy who plays (actually eats, sleeps, and breathes) the guitar, getting him or her a gift that celebrates his or her talent or passion would be a great idea! We promise you, such a gift will always be well-appreciated.
We give you some thoughtful gift ideas so you don't have to fret over what to get your guitarist buddy on his/her birthday or Christmas.
Cool Gift Ideas for Guitar Players
Guitar Accessories
Guitar Accessories
  • Personalized picks
  • Guitar strap
  • Guitar strings
  • Guitar tuner
  • Guitar smartphone holder
  • Guitar wall hanger
  • Guitar case
  • Wah-wah pedal
  • Guitar Amp
  • Gibson Memory Cable
Guitar-themed Accessories
Guitar-themed Accessories
  • Guitar cufflinks
  • Guitar string bracelets
  • Guitar-shaped pendants
  • Slide rings (practical and fashionable)
  • Pick shaped pendants
  • Wallet with a slot for a pick
Guitar-themed Home Decor
Guitar-themed Home Decor
  • Guitar-shaped cushions or wall clocks
  • Posters of the band your buddy loves
  • Guitar-themed cushion covers, or you could get the cover of an album printed on a cushion
  • A guitar-themed doorbell, candle stands or incense stands
  • A stool with guitar stand
  • A cool stand for his or her CD collection
Phone Accessories
Phone Accessories
  • Phone case that look like a guitar
  • Phone case that has the cover of his or her favorite album
  • Some really high quality earphones
  • Phone guitar cable
Other Guitar-themed Stuff
Other Guitar-themed Stuff
  • Guitar-themed coffee mugs or may coffee mugs with hilarious pick up lines
  • Different guitar-themed stationery like paper clips, pens, paperweights, etc.
  • Guitar-shaped USB drives
  • Pick maker
Other Guitar-themed Stuff
  • T-shirt of his or her favorite band(s)
  • T-shirt with a funny pick up line for a guitarist.
  • Concert tickets to his or her favorite band(s)
  • Concert CDs of his or her favorite band(s)
  • Books on his or her favorite bands, biographies of his or her favorite artists
  • iTunes gift card so that they can download guitar apps
Honestly, even with all the options mentioned here, we're still just scratching the mere surface of the unending gifting options. Try to add your personal touch to these gifts so that your gift is appreciated even more.