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Condolence Gifts for Men

Aastha Dogra Mar 14, 2019
Offer your sympathy, condolence, and support to someone, not just with words, but by lending a helping hand too. The right gift can really help a person to deal with the situation. Let's see some thoughtful things to give a man during difficult times.
A tragedy in the family can emotionally hurt anyone, be it a man or a woman. As men react very differently to a loss, they need your love, support, care, and comfort, even though they may not seem like it. By giving meaningful gifts and saying some thoughtful words of condolence, you can make a man feel better and stay together in such a grave situation.

Food baskets

Food baskets, with freshly baked brownies and cakes is simple condolence gift. When someone comes to visit the man to offer his sympathy, these bakery foods can be shared with them. Eating baked goods can be very comforting for the man who has suffered a tragedy.


One of the most thoughtful things to give is a piece of jewelry which has the deceased's name, date of birth, and the day they passed away inscribed on it. You can gift the man a bracelet or a key chain with words like "hope" or "sympathy" engraved on it. The man will cherish this gift from you forever.


If you feel that the family will have a hard time paying for the funeral, you can give the man some money.
Usually people have to take leave from work due to the tragedy which might put a strain on the family's finances. So, give him some cash to plan the funeral and to help deal with the financially straining situation at home.

Picture Frame

Give him a picture frame with the deceased's photo in it. These days, you get such picture frames wherein you can insert a personalized handwritten message along with the photograph.
Write a sympathy message yourself or search for a touching one on the Internet, insert it along with the photo and give it to him.

Cards and Flowers

Send the man a bouquet of flowers and write a card conveying condolences. Choose white lilies and white roses, as they symbolize peace and beauty.
In the card, write some meaningful words of support. This simple gesture will go a long way in making him more comfortable and at ease with the situation.


Books having quotations on hope, living life fully, and moving ahead make for excellent condolence gifts. The man can read them at leisure and feel comforted by the optimistic message in it.

Frozen Meals

You can get together with some of the friends of the family and together provide them with meals for at least a week.
Homemade frozen meals can be eaten by the family without them having to order food from outside. This is a very caring and supportive thing that you can do for them.

Gift Basket

You can put together a couple of things and make a condolence gift basket. You can include fruits, coffee, books, wine bottles, aromatherapy soothing candles, chocolates, and a sympathy ribbon.
Condolence gifts, if chosen with a lot of thought and consideration, have the power to heal the person of his grief. Something meaningful can really help bring hope, optimism, and a smile back into your friend's life.