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Best College Graduation Gift Ideas

Aastha Dogra Oct 13, 2018
Looking for some unique college graduation gift ideas? Read on for some well thought of and useful gifts, which are sure to be appreciated by a fresh graduate.
For a person who has freshly graduated from college, there are two concerns - firstly he has to deal with a new career and an office routine and secondly, he has to set up a new house for himself. So, if you are somebody who is scouting for a college graduation gift idea, choose gifts which will help the graduate in any of these two endeavors.

Gift Ideas for Men

When it comes to choosing graduation gifts for men, nothing can beat the latest gadgets
If your budget is more, you can consider gifting him a laptop or a cell phone or a digital camera. Otherwise you can gift bluetooth devices or USB gadgets, which are useful yet quite economical.
Gifting household items to a fresh graduate for his new house, such as a microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, bookshelf, or a television, etc.
Gifting him with things that will be useful for him in his new job such as a briefcase, leather wallet, leather portfolio, and a professional date book, are some other ideas that you can consider.
For girls who are looking for some creative gift ideas for their boyfriend, a perfect gift would be a pen or a diary on which both your names are engraved. Another good gift would be a scarf or a necktie.
If you are looking to do something really special, then you can consider throwing a surprise graduation party for him, where all his friends and family are invited.

Gift Ideas for Friends

You can consider some personalized and unique homemade graduation gifts, such as a hand painted t-shirt or a scrapbook containing photographs of all your friends.
You can even make a gift basket for your friend by including things such as stationery items, some pocket books on quotes about success and careers, and household items such as a set of towels and bed sheets in it.
Other ideas include iPods, MP3 Players, alarm clock, wrist watch, digital planner, pen drive, personalized mugs, sunglasses, luggage set, first aid kit, or a bottle of champagne.

Gift Ideas for a Daughter

Many college graduates decide to go on a break after completing their graduation. So, as parents, you can plan a holiday for your daughter by gifting her tickets to some destination she always wanted to visit, complete with hotel bookings and a tour guide.
Another interesting gift idea which will be well appreciated is a brand new wardrobe. Since now she will be going to office and not college, she will have to shop for more of professional clothes.
This is where you can chip in by either going along with her and pay for her dresses, or gift her a shopping certificate.