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Colleague Farewell Gift Ideas

Komal Bakhru Oct 21, 2018
Farewell gifts can be hard to decide sometimes. It's even tougher when it's for a colleague, so how about we make it simpler for you by zeroing in on some parting gift options for your colleagues.
Some situations are just never pleasant. One of them is saying goodbye to someone (unless of course you were waiting for them to go away!). Okay, jokes apart, farewells are nothing to ever really look forward to.
It's sad when you have family or friends going away for a long period of time, but every now and again, it feels just as bad when you have a colleague leave too. The best way to keep the memories alive in cases like such are parting gifts. What's nice about this is that there is a myriad of things you could opt for depending on the recipient of the gift.
While going away gifts for friends could be lighthearted and humorous, they could range from easygoing to a tad formal too, depending on your relation with the person in question. If you still can't quite think of things that make for good parting gifts read on and find out...

Popular Options for Farewell Gifts

Anything can be turned into a gift if that's how you would like it to be, but there are some things that just come across as more appropriate when selecting a gift. If the colleague who is leaving became a good friend over time, the gift could be as personal as you would like it to be as well.
Why not take a look at a few options that go beyond run-of-the-mill, before deciding on what it is that you would like to gift to your colleague, if ever you have to...

Good Wine or Whiskey

If you know your colleague is one with some fine taste in liquor, and would appreciate some of the good stuff, do not hesitate to go ahead with a gift like this.
Any liquor aficionado would love to own some of the best wine or whiskey that's ever been produced. In fact, this makes for one of the best gifts ever for someone who you've shared a personal rapport with, rather than only a professional one, and you can rest assured that a bottle of one of the finest blends will never be forgotten.

Jewelry or Designer Accessories

While the earlier mentioned is a great gift for a male colleague, this one is a brilliant option for a female coworker. There's hardly a woman out there who doesn't value some exquisite jewelry in her collection.
However, if you do know that the person isn't so much of a jewelry fan, you could always opt for something like a fabulous designer handbag or anything on those lines.

Fishing or Camping Gear

Yet another great gift for a male colleague, you just cannot go wrong when opting for either fishing or camping gear.
If your colleague's one of those guys who loves spending time out in the woods and having some time alone with nature, look no further. The best part is, there's a lot of equipment to choose from, when considering a gift like this.

Spa Gift Certificate

If there is one gift that will be valued like none other, it is some precious time at a spa.
Every woman dreams of some luxury time for herself to get pampered, and spoiled rotten. Well, this is how you allow her that fabulous experience. A gift certificate at one of the best spas either in the city, or maybe even something that's away, would be cherished largely by any lady.

CD's or Guitar

Over time, you most certainly would know if your colleague has had any inclination towards music, and if he / she is a fan of any band in particular. If the latter seems true, you could go ahead and maybe get him / her an entire collection of CD's by the band.
Maybe it could be as special like a limited edition or something on those lines if you could manage it. What's more, you could take this a step further and gift the person a really great guitar too, especially if the person knows and loves to play the guitar.

Modern Kitchen Appliances

Slightly unconventional this one may be, but it sure is another one of those nice parting gifts for a female colleague.
Some top of line, sleek kitchen appliance will be a really nice thing to give a colleague, especially if she lives alone, or if she's getting married, and will have a place of her own that she might want to do up real nice. If kitchenware doesn't quite appeal to you, you could go with something simpler like some nice crystal ware or the likes.
More ideas for the same purpose could also be high-end cigars, sports gear, books, some fine quality chocolate, a personalized photograph or photo collage, or maybe very simply, even a gift hamper / basket.
These undoubtedly may seem a tad cliched, but they are amongst those few things that can just never go wrong! Now that you have a clue, you can go ahead and plan what it is that you would like to opt for.