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Christening Gifts for Boys

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Jun 18, 2019
It is a part of custom to gift something to babies to mark the occasion of their christening. Here are some gift ideas for godparents, grandparents, and other relatives to give to baby boys.
Christening is the first religious occasion in a baby's life when he or she is introduced to the church community. This is a formal ceremony wherein the parents of the baby commit to raise him in Christian faith. The occasion is often marked by showering gifts by friends and well wishers of the family.
Earlier, the purpose of gifts was to lay a foundation of investment for the child's future. Most gifts used to be in the form of money or items of value that could appreciate over the years. However, these days, a lot of innovation can be seen in these gifts.

Gift Ideas

Christening gifts may be something to symbolize the Christian faith or they may be pure fun. Gifts from the godmother or godfather often have a religious sentiment attached to them. Usually, things for keepsake are often given.

Christening Set

This is a classic keepsake. It consists of a silver plated 9'' long tube, which serves as a holder for the baby's christening certificate. The tube is embossed with a cross and has a beaded cap. It comes in a pretty packing of an acetate box and satin bow.

Christian Blessing

These come in the form of a photo frame. They have a blessing on one side and an empty space on the other for the baby's picture.
Some frames may not have a space for the baby's picture. However, you can still personalize these frames by writing the baby's name, day, and date of christening under the blessing.

Farmyard Dinner Set

This set includes a bowl, a mug, and a plate with pictures of barnyard animals on them. These items are very attractive, and may even feature some funny messages. You can also get these messages personalized with the baby's name. This is a great gift for when the babies grow up a bit and start eating by themselves.

Baby Blanket

These blankets come with a special Christian symbol at the corner of the blanket. The blanket can be personalized with the baby's name and date of christening. This baby gift can be used by the baby until he grows out of it.

Money Box

The baby is likely to get lot of gifts in terms of money on the day of his christening.
A money box is very useful to safely store all this money until the baby grows up. Parents can put the notes and coins in the money box and save it until the baby is old enough to handle it himself.


Gifts from grandparents and godparents always have to be extra special. A silver cross with a personalized message can stay with the child for years. Investment certificates and shares are other valuable gifts grandparents can consider giving. Gold or silver jewelry is another popular idea.
You can find several ideas for personalized gifts on the Internet. Mugs, crosses, baby clothes, and soft toys are some other great presents. Apart from the functionality of the gift, also see if the baby can use it for a long time. Religious sentiments, though not a necessity, can be lasting gifts.