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Chocolate Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Puja Lalwani Mar 12, 2019
Chocolate is divine and everyone simply loves it. Why not gift it a mother-to-be and brighten up her days during pregnancy? Why not give it to guests as a little thank you for sharing your joy at your baby shower? Here's how chocolate can be used for gift-giving at a baby shower.

Delectable Chocolate Gift Ideas

We provide you here with ideas that can be used as baby shower favors as well as gifts that can be given to the mother-to-be. Either way, they will definitely be appreciated.
These are ideas that you can use as they are, or you can derive inspiration from them to come up with some great ideas yourself. All you have to do is get a little creative, and there will be no dearth of chocolate gift ideas.

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

A wonderful gift, fortune cookies dipped in dark chocolate can serve a dual purpose; for one, YUM! And for the other, the messages inside can be personalized specifically for her.
For instance, if she badly wants it to be a boy or a girl, one of the messages can say 'It's a boy/girl!' On the other hand, you could say 'Your happiness will double in the coming days...' which could hint that she can expect twins. These will be fun messages and you can change them to suit her choice and personality.

Chocolate Jars

For a personalized gift that you can make yourself, put together jars with an assortment of chocolates. These could be chocolate-coated almonds, hazelnuts, or raisins. On the jar, you may stick a label with a personalized message for the mother-to-be.
You could sign it off with your name too. This gift can be made at home and these could be personalized with thank you messages from the mother-to-be for the guests. The chocolate will definitely be enjoyed and the jars will last them a long time.

Chocolate Covered Cookies

A crunchy treat that is loaded with oodles of chocolate makes a great chocolate gift idea. The idea is to have delicious chocolate chip cookies in diaper, star, or baby jumpsuit shapes dipped in white and dark chocolate.
Go another step and wrap them in gender-specific colored wrappers (if you know the gender of the baby), or simple paper in accordance with the baby shower theme. Put the cookies in a jar, a tin, or in a box, and use a cute ribbon to give the entire package a finishing touch.

Chocolate Blooms

A basket full of assorted chocolates decorated in the form of a bouquet will combine the most delicious chocolates into one large gift at a baby shower. If you are sick of the regular chocolates, why not make a bouquet with chocolate lollipops?
The entire bouquet can be prepared professionally, or can be made yourself too. Wrap the lollipops in a variety of colored paper so that they resemble actual flower blooms that can be decorated into a bouquet. Enhance it with tissue, ribbon, tulle, etc.
Spoil the mother-to-be with these delicious chocolate gifts, and you will never be forgotten. Give your guests these delightful favors for making your baby shower so special, and they won't forget this delicious affair either! Have a yum time!