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Cheap Wedding Gifts for Men

Just because a gift is inexpensive, it doesn't mean that the sentiment behind the thought loses value. Let's take a look at some pretty cool yet cheap gift options that you're sure to love yourself.
GiftinGlory Staff
The best gifts that you can find are those that aren't just cheap, but unusual too. Just be careful of what you buy; cheap gifts may easily break or get ruined over time from wear-and-tear, so be wise about how you pick one out, opting for things that fall between the price range of $15-30. Websites like Uncommon Goods, provide a plethora of gift alternatives that you've probably never seen or heard of before. They're hip, artsy, one-of-a-kind, and exceptionally reasonable in terms of price. Let's take a look at other options you can consider while perusing stores around your city.
Cheap Wedding Gift Options for Men
Mechanical Kitchen Scale
You can be sure that this gift will be put to good use in the kitchen. Just be sure that the receiver actually cooks, where if you aren't certain, you can always inquire about this from close friends and family of the groom. You get all kinds of kitchen scales in the market, where you're sure to find one that suits your budget. Make certain that it comes with a warranty card.
Wedding Scrapbook
For close to $10, you can find an opulent wedding scrapbook that the bride and groom can fill up with memories of the past, present, and future. Your gift will come in handy for when they need to put photographs in one place. Include a message on the front of the scrapbook expressing your hope that it is occupied with lots of laughter, love, and lasting happiness.
Potpourri Collection
You can mix and match a variety of lovely-smelling potpourri to fill up a home with heartwarming scents. If the packaging looks drab, you can always encase them in decorative gift bags or pouches; don't empty them out into separate pouches or they'll lose their aromatic intensity. Choose four packs of potpourri in vibrant colors for a gift set.
Wine Bottle in Faux Velvet Pouch
Choose a lovely wine that doesn't cost more than $20, a price at which you can buy a robust, sweet, and quality bottle. You can buy the wine pouch separately by exploring other options that are available online or in an actual store, where it's quite simple to put one together all by yourself at home―a DIY project you'll instantly fall in love with. Clueless about how to go about this? Check out these 10 great ideas on how to wrap a wine bottle for creative suggestions.
Spice Box
For someone who loves spices, this gift would be an absolute favorite. For a man who finds himself bustling in the kitchen or over a barbecue grill, a spice box is the easiest way to grab what he needs without having to make the spices from scratch. A collection of eight spices ranging from pepper and cinnamon, to paprika and Cajun spice, is just what the groom needs. Be sure to choose familiar spices that aren't overly exotic or unheard of. If you don't find a ready-made spice box, no problem! Just buy a set of mini spice bottles and fill them up with the spices of your choice.
His and Her T-Shirts
There are places online that provide personalized T-shirts with fun messages that couples can flaunt in public; it's adorable, really, and extremely creative an idea. You even get pajamas that use the same idea, making it a thoughtful gift for two. You can place them in a beautiful gift box tied with satin ribbon and a message that reads, "Showoff your love for each other. Wear em' proud!".