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Inexpensive Gifts for Dad

Madhura Pandit Feb 6, 2019
An inexpensive gift can be equally special if given with a lot of love and thought. Here are numerous gift ideas that will suit your budget.
Gifts are a part of all special celebrations. Before buying a gift for your dad, consider what he likes and what his personality is like. Does he enjoy golf (of course, nearly all of them do), does he enjoy adventures and outdoors, or he is more of a thinker? Knowing this can narrow your search in finding the perfect gift.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Go Hiking

If your dad enjoys outdoors and adventures, why not plan something outdoors for the entire family? You can go hiking with him or enjoy adventure sports. Spending time with the family is the best gift you can give him.

Cook For Him

Bake a cake or some chocolate chip cookies specially for him and gift on his birthday. You need not have to cook a fancy or gourmet meal, a simple meal will be equally appreciated.
Otherwise, how about a home-cooked al fresco dinner with the entire family or his close friends? He is sure to love it and appreciate your gesture.

Handmade Gifts

If you have a lot of time and stuff, make a scrapbook or a collage of pictures of all the important phases in his life or with messages of all his loved ones.
You can also make a card about '100 reasons why we love you' and ask all the family members to contribute in it. These gifts, although inexpensive, are surely very thoughtful.

Personalized Gifts

Now if you do not have time to arrange for a house party or make something, you can always look for personalized gifts in the market.
A basket of assorted things, like sports accessories, food treats, books, etc., or personalized mugs, cups, paperweight, stationery, watch, etc., are some ideas that you can consider. These gifts will show that you are aware of your dad's interests and care for him.

Other Inexpensive Presents

Head out to a supermarket and look for gift articles that are within your budget. During holiday seasons, you are sure to find a lot of stuff under $20 or $10. You can take your pick from the lot and gift your dad.
However, if possible, try to customize it for a more personal touch. For e.g., if you have bought a photo frame, put in his best picture with some thoughtful words at the back, or engrave your dad's name or initials on the stationery that you will gift him.
Lastly, as mentioned here, note that the gesture is more important and appreciated than the price of the gift. Ciao!