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Cheap Gift Ideas for Friends

Kundan Pandey Feb 10, 2019
It is said that more than the price of a gift, it is the emotions and intentions that matter. Even if you're not high on your budget, there are numerous cheap gifts for friends that you can purchase to express your care and love for them.
Friendship is a precious gift of life and you want to keep it with you forever. Love, respect and a little care would help you to keep it alive forever. It is the spice of life. No matter what, we always need friends to keep us sane. Not all of us are blessed with true friends and those who are, should keep them for good.
A good way to show your friend that you value him/ her is a gift. What you gift is not important as long as you gift it with love. The emotional value attached to the gift is more than what is the printed value. But everything apart, we do need to have some ideas when we are gifting a friend. So, here are some ideas that you can use.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Friends

Cheap gifts ideas for friends need to be brainstormed for some time so that you can come up with unique and creative ideas as to what to gift him or her. The gift ideas presented ahead can be used both for your male and female friends. Though inexpensive, these are a great way to show your friend that you value them.

Mix CD

Your friend absolutely loves music, it's his life. We are sure you know what his favorite genre is. Hip hop, rock, romance, classics. There are so many choices.
So, a good way would be to gift a mix CD of their favorite compositions. You can burn the CD on your own and customize the cover as well. Put the photos of the two of you or that of his favorite band as well.

Handmade Bag

A handmade gift is the best option if you are looking for cheap gift ideas for friends. You can make a bag for your friend out of old jeans that you no longer wear.
If she is a girl you also have the option of making a purse out of the same material to carry along with it. You can decorate the bag with beads, buttons, shimmers, zips to make it look even better.

Theme Gift Basket

It's a unique inexpensive gift. A themed gift basket is a good way to gift your friend his or her heart's desire. Something like a movie gift basket can have homemade popcorn, drinks and tickets to the movie.
If your friend likes gardening you can gift gardening accessories. If your friend likes to makeup, the gift basket can have the makeup accessories that she can use.


Your friend is a big art fan, give him tickets to an art gallery opening. He likes watching movies, gift him tickets to the latest flick. The tickets to his favorite rock band performance, a football match, and a play he wanted to see for a long time. No doubt, your friend will love you for it.

Memory Jar

Memories are monetarily inexpensive but for our hearts, they're real treasures of life. Hence, one of the cheap gifts ideas for friends is to gift them memory jar which is a great way to treasure your good moments.
Write memorable moments that the two of you have spent together, what you feel for him on paper pieces. Print out photographs and fold everything separately. Put them in a jar and decorate the jar with ribbons. Your friend would definitely treasure the memories and would love you forever.


This is the best gift idea of all. Write a letter to your friend telling him how much you care for him, how you would always be there for him. Write it on a scroll of paper in an artistic way. Roll it and tie it with a ribbon. Put it in a bottle and seal. Decorate the bottle.
These were some of the ideas that you can use if you are looking for cheap gift ideas for friends. These are simple, yet close to heart. Your friend will appreciate the efforts you have put in for making the gifts special. Have fun gifting.