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Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Gift basket is one gift idea that can suit any type of budget. Here are some ideas to make a inexpensive gift basket.
GiftinGlory Staff
Women are showered with beautiful gifts by men on nearly all occasions. But, men also enjoy surprise gifts, and love to be pampered and cared for. Is your boyfriend, partner, best friend or dad's birthday approaching? You want to gift him something special, but, are completely broke, or cannot afford anything luxurious. Why not go for a gift basket?
Inexpensive Ideas for Making Gift Baskets
Arguably, a gift basket is one of the best and most versatile gifts. It can be gifted to people of each and every age group, and at the same time, can be personalized according to the person's preferences. Secondly, it can be made at home too!
Gourmet Food Treat
If your partner or friend is a foodie or a connoisseur of good food, then a basket made of gourmet food treats can be the best gift for him. Although it is usually made with gourmet foods like cheeses, olives, sea food, you can go for inexpensive version with foodstuffs that are in your budget. The meat and cheese gift basket, or assorted cheeses and bread, or assorted cheeses and a bottle of wine basket, etc., can be found in reasonable prices. For an inexpensive version, make a fruits and chocolates basket.
Leisure Gifts
If you want your partner to indulge in something he likes, then make him this gift basket. This category includes gift baskets based on themes like drinks, games, music, essential oils, picnic, movies, gardening, etc. Simply add in all things related to his hobby in a basket and decorate it accordingly.
If he loves reading, you can put bestsellers or classics that he had long wanted to read, along with some popcorn, decorative book markers, etc. For inexpensive version, replace the books with magazines, puzzle books, calendars, posters, etc.
All men have at least one favorite sport which they either love to play or watch. You can take it as a cue and base your gift on this very theme. A sports-themed gift basket is available in the market in various price ranges. You can also make it at home by filling in accessories related to the sport, sports magazines, collectibles, posters, etc. You can also consider a fishing or a golf gift basket.
Chocolate Gift Basket
Last, but not the least, like women, men also love chocolates, and you can gift them a gift basket full of chocolates, homemade chocolate truffles, cakes, or chocolate chip cookies. You can also add in a jar of drinking chocolate or some candies to make a complete chocolate-themed gift basket.
You can find any of these gift baskets in shops or online. You can even make them at home using wooden or wicker baskets and colorful ribbons. Do not forget to decorate your gift basket and add a card. Good luck!
Easter Basket with Golf Balls and Ribbon