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Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas

Girija Shinde Oct 13, 2018
Gift baskets are a pleasant surprise to anyone who receives them, but they can turn out to be a costly affair. If you are new to gifting baskets, this is for you. It tries to cover most of the things you need to know.
Thinking of unique gifts is one of the toughest tasks that we all have gone through without much success. As there are so many gifts available that one often gets confused and ends up buying too many gifts or the wrong one.
At times, we have to gift multiple people for one occasion, like a wedding anniversary or a new business venture or if they are the first group to have ever crossed the Antarctica by foot.
In these times, buying gifts for each can go beyond budget and make us feel miserable, both for the economy involved and for not being able to get the appropriate gifts for all. In these situations, gift baskets are an easy solution. It is a known fact that these cost a lot and that is why rather than buying, making them at home sounds logical.
Making these at home is not only a practical idea, but also innovative, as it has a personal touch that a ready-made basket cannot have. Different kinds of gift baskets can be made at home, but for that you need to have a general idea of what the person likes.
Given here are some general as well as hobby-oriented options which are beautiful yet cheaper on the pocket.

Love of Home and Homemade

This is one such gift which can be given to anyone. In fact, homemade goodies are loved by one and all and so can be given to couples as well.
If you have no idea of what the receiver likes, you can add generic things like homemade chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, beaded bookmarks, etc. All these things can be made with ease, but you do need to invest some time for making these.
Add a homemade photo frame, a recipe book, and put in a hand-made card along the gift. On the card, write something that would connect with the receiver directly.

Both Cool and Yummy

This one is for those who love the cold, sweet, and creamy ice creams. And as we know, everyone's heart screams for ice creams, this gift basket can again be given to anyone and everyone. You can also add ice cream bowls to make it look like a set.
Include homemade ice cream sauces, paper napkins, ice cream maker, etc. This sweet gift can be given for any occasion ranging from birthdays to weddings, and from high school graduations to baby showers.

As Soothing as It Can Be

Due to our hectic lifestyles, we do not get the time to sit down and relax. One of the best ways to relax your body and soul is a good massage and a bubble bath.
You can put together a set of scented candles, organic bath soaps, essential oils, vitamin E moisturizers, body sprays, etc. If you have the time, you can make the soap at home too.
These were some of the economical gift basket ideas that would add value to the gift as the person receiving it would know that you have invested enough time and effort to make it.
If you are wondering how to make a gift basket, simply use the fruit basket or the basket that you get at discount stores, fill it with a few old foam pieces and crumpled newspaper. For decoration, add shredded newspaper or brown paper. Add curled ribbons, tissue papers, and shredded sheet music on it and you are done.