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Best Gifts for Her 2019

Indrajit Deshmukh Feb 9, 2019
Your gift is a gesture of romance, affection, and the efforts you take to know her better. Her imperfections and her idiosyncrasies is what makes her unique and that's the reason the gifts need to be thought upon. Here are some ideas that will help you pick the perfect gift for her...
If you are on a quest to find the best gift for her, then you will need to do some groundwork such as setting a budget and narrowing your search parameters. Try to find out what she likes, for example, is she into gadgets or more into shopping for designer clothes; then there are some women who are suckers for homemade gifts.
The occasion also plays a part in what gift you should get her. Be romantic on Valentine's day and get a gift that showcases your commitment on an anniversary. One thing to remember when you get your gift is make sure you add a note that says how much you care. Know what she desires by talk to her friends, but make sure you are discreet about it.
If you have good conversational skills then try to directly find out from her what she likes, but be subtle. One more thing you need to remember is that there is a big difference between buying a gift for a teenager and someone who is older. Here are some different categories each with a list of gifts that you can choose from.

Homemade Videos

A video containing the monologues of her family and friends, people she doesn't get to talk often. The things she always wanted to see like her old swing set, her childhood friends, her favorite teacher and her favorite hang out place.
You can put it all together with the background music of her favorite song. If she was busy the whole day, this gift will cheer her up instantly.

Do the Cooking and Do the Dishes

First of all, it will be much appreciated if you could cook every once in a while and always do the dishes. After all relationship is a two way street.
You can start taking up this responsibility from her birthday by making her breakfast in bed, surprise her with her favorite dish. Serve it up with a rose and a chocolate; the chocolate can have hand made wrappers with a little note on it.

Pour Your Love On a Paper

It doesn't matter if you don't have a visually appealing handwriting. Heartfelt emotions articulated in the right words will have a deep impact.
There are all sorts of stuff that you can do with the greetings. You can make an origami greeting, a plain greeting with a couple of verses from a favorite poet besides her hand print, or a photo collage with couple of lines written by her family and friends. Remember it's all about the effort.

Love Calendar

A calendar with the pictures of her pet dressed for each month can make her feel elated. You can also put a collage together with the pictures of you as a couple for each month that you have loved her.

The Fabric of Love

Fabrics are something that will remind her of you every day. It can be a quilt, a him and her pillow, an apron, a bag, a cellphone case, the list goes on. Bright and fresh colors of love on a smooth and comforting fabric symbolizing the nature of your love is something that can make a great gift.

Gadgets for Her

The Constant Smart Companion

Who spends the most time with your girlfriend/wife ? The smart phone, duh . So what if the cell phone reminds her of you.
The only way to do it, is to gift her the phone yourself. With the smart phones loaded with a ton of features and apps, it's one of the best gifts that you can give your tech savvy girlfriend.

Smart Wrist Embellishments

Tech gadgets have started to replace the traditional bracelets and analog watches. They are useful, comfortable, and stylish.
It also has a variety of choices such as an Apple smart watch, an activity tracker bracelet, a fitness tracker or a smart wrist band. A handy gift for the smart working woman shows that you care for her, and believe in what she does.

Everything Finder

If she always looks for her car keys for too long, it can get her late for meetings, work or a date with you. This can ruin her mood for the day.
With an everything finder she can keep track of her car keys, wallets, bags, and files. A really useful gadget that will make her happy in the times when she would get annoyed.

A Point And Shoot Camera

When the phone just won't do, a point and shoot camera will serve the purpose. It is small and advanced enough to take pictures in every light. There are some highly advanced and compact cameras in the affordable range that can become the best gift.

Virtual Reality Headsets

A tech savvy girlfriend who loves movies will go weak in her knees to see a VR- headset as her birthday gift. The VR headset is the new way of witnessing motion pictures.
So many movies are made in 3D every year and also the classics have been remade to fit the 3D viewership. A virtual reality headset is just the thing you can get for your girlfriend.

In the City and Beyond

Adventure Sports

Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Extreme Skateboarding, Figure Skating, Kayaking, Cliff Diving - there are so many places you can take your adrenaline junkie girlfriend. A gift like this will just make her day.

Bicycle Ride in the Country

If adventure sports is too much of adrenaline, replace it with a soothing and eye-pleasing bicycle ride in the country. A long ride surrounded with lush green grass and trees with the air ambient with fully bloomed flowers can make memories of a life time.

A Ticket to Her Favorite Show

A ticket to a theater featuring a new movie, drama or an opera performance for an art enthusiast girlfriend can show her how much you care for her passion.
Later that night you could take her to a fancy restaurant. To end the day on a beautiful note, you could gift her a painting she always wanted to buy.

Road Trip

A country highway, a comfortable car, and music can relieve her of an entire year's stress. With a little care and effort you could plan the perfect road trip.
You just need to pick the right destination, get all the basic arrangements like food and drinks, also a proper road map, well planned stops, and a return plan suiting her schedule.

Hopscotch With the Pubs

Your party enthusiast girlfriend will love it if you take her to the best pubs in the city. A good pub for dancing, drinking, eating, and listening to the music. One for each. A well planned tour through all the best pubs will definitely make her day.

Life Style Gifts

A Day At A Spa

A much needed visit to a spa can become a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend. Just pick the right spot, make all the arrangements and send her off.

A Couples Massage

Of the many things that you can do as a couple, a massage is the most relieving experience. It's private, intimate, and soothing.
A good massage can trigger the best thoughts that can lead to meaningful and bonding conversations. It can give a completely new direction to your relationship.

Romantic Dinner

Over the years, the gifts have changed, the romance has gone digital, but the dinners have stayed the same. There is still nothing better than a candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant. If you want spice it up, follow your own ideas. ...And just don't be late!


♦ Multi Pocket Crossbody Bag
♦ Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker
♦ Scented Candles
♦ Shoes
♦ Funky Jewelry
♦ Designer Skirt
♦ Handbag
♦ Bracelets
♦ Jeans
♦ Sunglasses
♦ Lingerie
♦ Cocktail Dress
If she worries about chipping her nails while using the keyboard, no point introducing her to an extreme sport. This girl likes to be pampered, and you need to appeal to her femininity if you want to impress her with your gift. Any one of them given here will be a suitable gift for this kind of a girl.
Always give flowers to women even if you think that you have chosen the best gift for them; you will earn brownie points for the extra effort. Also make sure that you tell her how much you cherish her when you give her the gift.