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Best Wedding Gifts

Best Wedding Gifts

Stumped as always about gifts, aren't you? For those of you who are looking for specific wedding gift ideas, here are some of the best to choose from.
Puja Lalwani
Whether it is your best friend's wedding, your sister who is finally walking down the aisle, or your son who has finally said yes to the long put off marriage, finding an appropriate gift for your loved one is a baffling task. This task becomes even more challenging when you are not as close to the wedding couple, as the family members. A wedding is a far more precious affair for the couple, and you would want to give them something they can remember you by, with much appreciation.

More than what is in vogue, concentrating on the needs of a couple is a great way of deciding what to give as a gift for couples. Since a wedding itself is an big affair (particularly financially), aiding them with things they won't have to spend on later is a good way of deciding what to give the couple. On the other hand, it is not harmful to be thoughtful and give them something they can enjoy after all the stress of the wedding. Let's take a look at what you can give to the happy couple to brighten up their life ahead.

Gifts that Couples Need
Let's start with what a couple may need as a wedding gift to save them some of the financial burden of investing in those things.
  • Cash: Wherever you look, you probably will find cash as the first and probably the best option as a wedding gift. Cash is always welcome to fulfill the various needs a couple may have after the wedding. Some may save it for that dream house, or use it for a perfect honeymoon.
  • Romantic Getaway: A romantic getaway, or what we call a honeymoon, is another great gift to give to a couple. Just ensure that the couple already doesn't have a honeymoon planned. This holiday will then be just the thing they need to brush off the wedding stress.
  • Kitchen Appliances and Accessories: This choice is something that makes a couple's life much easier. A skillet, a griddle, an electric grill/barbecue, a food processor, cutlery in the form of stainless steel ware, crockery in the form of a set of gorgeous wine glasses, or a dinner set, are all great choices as gifts. If you want your gift to be remembered and used, make sure that it is of a good (if not premium) quality. Though you may consider this to be a traditional wedding gift, they will definitely bless you, as it saves them a huge cost in buying all these things while setting up their new house.
  • Home Decor Accessories: Just like the kitchen appliances, accessories for home decor are things that are definitely required by a new couple while setting up their own house. What qualifies as home decor is for you to decide. Artwork, picture frames, vases, statuettes, lamps, sofa throws, cushion covers, and even plants make for great gifts to the newly married couple. The kinds and styles you choose will definitely qualify them as some of the most unique wedding gifts the couple has received.
Some More Ideas

As aforementioned, there is a lot that a couple would like apart from what is necessary for them. Based on your relationship with either the bride or the groom, you may decide on any of the following as gifts.
  • Sexy Bedroom Wear: To carry forward the fun of the wedding among themselves is what every couple wants. Then why not spice it up by giving them some great sexy bedroom wear. We are only talking about clothing here, and not any other tacky accessories. Again, whom you gift this is also important. This may be a great wedding gift for a sister from a sister. So think well before you choose this gift.
  • Personalized Champagne: Those of you looking to give personalized gifts can give the newly wedded couple a bottle of personalized champagne. All you have to do is buy a bottle of some great champagne, and replace the label on the bottle with one with a personalized message for the couple. If you wish to make the gift a little more grand, add in a couple of champagne glasses, with an ice bucket and create a gorgeous wedding gift baskets.
  • Couple's Photo Shoot: In one of the most memorable wedding gifts you can give a couple, you can organize a special photo shoot for them with a good photographer, and have them capture some beautiful memories of their lives. Shot in various locales, these photographs will be the most memorable gift for the couple.
  • Monogrammed Linen: One more personalized gift idea is that of monogrammed linen. Simply having initials of both, the bride and the groom embroidered on a bed sheet and pillowcases, or on a pair of towels and napkins, can make for a great personalized gift for the couple.
What you must know is that any gift, when given with great care and thought behind it, is the perfect wedding gift. With some of the aforementioned ideas, it is easier to decide what to gift a couple, so that they remember and appreciate the thought and effort you put in getting them this gift.