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Best Romantic Gifts for Men

Be it for his birthday, your anniversary, a promotion in office, or just because you felt like it, make the man in your life feel special by gifting him something that he never expected. Something that will blow away his mind and make him fall in love with you all over again. Find here some romantic gifting ideas that you could use.
GiftinGlory Staff
Just like words, gifts go a long way in strengthening our bonds. Sometimes, what we cannot say, is aptly conveyed through our gestures and gifts! So, for all those women out there, who want to gift something unique, something romantic to their man, to show them how much they are loved and appreciated, given below is a list you can choose from.
Hand-Painted T-Shirt
A good idea is to paint a love T-shirt for him. To make this, get a plain white T-shirt and paint a number of tiny red hearts on the backside. In the front, write a cute love quote. Carry a camera with you when you are about to give him the gift. Make him wear it, then and there, and capture the goofy look on his face in a photograph, with you hugging him from the side!
Love Jobs
Write a few notes for your boyfriend with things like "head massage", "a wet kiss", or a "lap dance" (use your own imagination!). Put them in a small glass container and place it in front of him. Ask him to pick out a note and you will do whatever is written on it for him! Believe me, nothing can make him happier than this.
Coffee Mugs
Personalized gifts up the love and happiness meter more than anything else! So, get both of your photographs printed on a pair of coffee mugs and gift it to him. If you want the personalized gift to be fun, you can get your childhood photographs printed instead!
A Romantic Getaway
Plan a weekend getaway! So, plan a surprise trip for your man to a secluded cottage in the midst of the woods or to a virgin, unexplored beach where you two can spend some quality time together!
Bake a Cake
Bake a cake for him, by yourself. Simply write the three magic words on the cake, i.e., "I Love You". This can be one of the most appreciated and romantic gifts for men, if they truly love you!
Sports Game Passes
One unique gift, which men least expect from the woman in their life, is tickets for their favorite sports game. All women simply love to hate their man's sports addiction. So, by gifting him the tickets and joining him when he cheers for his favorite team, you are giving him the message that you will do anything to make him happy! Such thoughtful gifts are sure to make them admire you!
A Life-size Photograph
Pick your guy's best photograph and make a life-sized poster of it. Go to his room while he is still sleeping and paste it on the wall in front of his bed. Write "My Hero" on the poster and sign it. When he wakes up, he will be left speechless, without a doubt!
Never decide the gift by its financial worth. Select one which will make your man fall in love with you all over again! If your gift is able to do that, however small it is, it will be cherished by him forever!
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