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Best Man Gifts

Sujata Iyer Feb 9, 2019
If you're looking for some gifts for your best buddy who's going to be your best man, then read on, because this is where you'll find them.
You're getting married. You couldn't be happier. And what's making you even happier is that your best friend is your best man. He's helped you out with so many things related to the wedding and has completed all the duties in time without giving you any instance to complain. But there's one little detail that's been nagging you.
You want to show your appreciation to your best friend, but you can't get around to deciding what to give him. He's already come up with a unique wedding gift for you, and though you don't know what it is, it makes you feel even more guilty about not having decided on anything.
You've racked your brains for some ideas, but you've come up with nothing so far. Don't worry. That's what we can help you out with. Read on to know how you can express your gratitude to your buddy with some good gifts.

Gift Ideas for your Best Man

The relationship between the groom and his best man is undoubtedly a close one. Though it may not be customary for the groom to give the best man a gift, you know that you want to give him something, so he'll never forget that you could not have pulled off the wedding without him.
And choosing the perfect gift for your best friend, though it may seem very easy, actually turns out to be quite difficult. This is because you know the person so well that you simply cannot decide what will be the perfect gift for him. Nonetheless, given here are a couple of some neutral ideas of gifts for men which you, as a groom, can give your best man.

Goody Basket

A gift basket is a fabulous option for a gift for the best man. In the gift basket, fill up a lot of personalized gifts like stationery, a grooming set, a beer mug, his favorite music CDs and movie DVDs, a cigar case, a pocket-watch, cuff links, shot glasses, a golf set, etc.
The simplest way to personalize these gifts is to have the initials, or the name of your best man engraved on them.

Photo Memories

Life after marriage changes, that is a fact. There will be lesser poker nights with boys, and responsibilities of wife and family will make it difficult to keep up with everything that's happening in your friend's life.
But that does not mean you should forget all the good times you had together. Gather all the photos of the two of you or your entire gang of friends, and make a cool photo gift out of it. A collage, a scrapbook with funny quips, or a full-fledged album. Take your pick!


Every best man wears a tuxedo for the wedding. And every best man, and even the groom for that matter, knows just how expensive the tuxedo can be.
And there are so many other things that the best man takes care of during the wedding, that more often than not, he rents a tuxedo from a store. It is one of the best options, if he won't really be wearing it often.
But you can be the generous groom and when you go out with your best man to get him fitted for the rented tux, surprise him by buying a brand new one with a stylish necktie for him instead! Trust me, he won't be able to refuse!
These were just a few of the gifts that you can think of giving your best man. Do let us know your ideas on the same! Until then, try one of these out, and make your best man happy!