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Best Gifts for Women under $50

Medha Godbole Oct 16, 2018
A number of things can be thought of when looking for gifts for ladies. Take a look at what fits the bill in that category.
Those who are proud of being a part of the members of the fairer sex would, without a hint of hesitation say that being a woman itself is a gift to this world. How can you possibly give her something? Even if you do is it going to be worth it?
Well, women are tempted to think so, but they know that too much of vanity is not really a very good idea! Moreover, they love to receive gifts! Nevertheless, on a serious note, if at all you are looking out for presents for the women of significance in your life, presenting exactly the same thing for you!


Well, you never say mirror mirror on the wall for no reason and the reference is for no one else than a woman.
Why not then give her an embellished purse mirror? Most of the women do carry makeup these days. This can be a very useful thing to gift to them for keeping it in the purse with other makeup items.

Plan for a Plan

Sometimes making plans is more pleasurable experience than when we are experiencing the actual thing. All the same, if she is a working woman, especially in a kind of job where she has meetings and presentations and deadlines, a planner will be really good for her. She can have all her schedule clearly sorted and presented in the planner.

Interesting Affair

If the person is very close to you, we are sure you would know what her interests are. Or even her passion, which she cherishes. Then you can gift her anything from sports equipment to even an iPod.
If she is interested in books, may you could give a bookmark along with a diary or a pen so that she can scribble down about what she wants to related to the book. If she is interested in traveling or in crafts and art, give her gifts related to that.

Haute Couture

Women are always game for any kind of apparel and associated accessories. So cash in on that and buy her a scarf, or a nice pair of danglers and studs.
Even a nice necklace with a small pendant is a good choice.
Even a makeup item will absolutely delight her; but for that gift, you really need to research on the makeup she wears!


What is the thing which she regularly needs at work? There would definitely be something of daily use. If there is something like that which she has needed for a long time. Try that and see the delight and happiness on her face!
You can also give the usual stuff like gift baskets, chocolates, vouchers or a spa session would be great! You just have to know what she wants without she being point blank blunt about it! More than the gift, what matters is the feeling and sentiment behind it.