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Best Gifts Under $30 for Women

Indrajit Deshmukh Oct 23, 2018
Be it a birthday, festival, or an anniversary, some of the awesome gifts for women are clothes and perfumes. You have to put a little heart in your shopping and choose a gift that will appeal to your woman.
A friend of mine, who was a gadget freak, went to buy a romantic gift for his lady on her birthday. He loved gadgets, so when he entered a store, he made a bee line for the electronics section. Once there, he instantly fell for an LED headlamp. Goes without saying that the relationship didn't last long after the birthday.
When you are choosing a gift you have to be very careful, especially, if your buying it for a woman. The trick of buying the best gift for a female, is to choose something that she would like, and not something that you like.
If you are on a budget, and are looking for some affordable gifts, you have to look a little harder, however, there are many things that you could get her within your budget. If you go to any of the shopping mall chains, you are bound to find many things that would appeal to a woman, and are also within the reach of your wallet.
Before you go looking for a gift, you need to sit down and make a list of things that the lady likes. This list will act as a road map for you, and will help you choose a gift. If possible, recollect the colors that she would like; getting a gift that looks good will earn you extra brownie points.
Another important aspect is to find out the places where the biggest sales are happening. You can seek help from a woman friend of yours to know about the sales and also, get some pointers on choosing the gift.
If you still haven't caught on, here are a few gift ideas that will lead you in the right direction. Women love things that they can add to their existing collection. Variety and choice is what excites them; all you have to do is, get the right color and size.
Scarf - Try light colors and get something with a design.
T-shirt - Make sure you get a smaller size than what you think her actual size is.
Bath Robe - If possible get one that has something inscribed on it.
Pillow Covers - Get something that is cute and cuddly, it's a good anniversary gift.
Cotton Wrap Dress - Hit the right store, and you can find under $30.
Sweater - If you get the right color, the brand won't matter much.
If you think fabric is not an affordable gift, try items that are functional around the house. Think of things that would make her life a little easier if she had your gift. Although, you just have a budget of 30 dollars, you can still get some pretty useful things.
CD/DVD Case - It is a good way of saying you understand her needs.
Tote - You can get a beautiful tote, just choose a good shape.
Recipe Book - Make sure she likes cooking before you get her one.
Ice Cream Bowls - Choose bowls that have pleasant design.
Key Chains - A picture key chain is a great personalized gift.
Bunny Slippers - Aim for cute.
While choosing affordable gifts, try to get something that is useful. One of the common mistakes while trying to be unique is forgetting the functionality of the gift. Do not be different for the sake of being different, put some thought behind what you buy.
Multi Purpose Knife - Choose a knife that serves different kitchen needs.
Mobile Charger - It's a unique and functional gift.
Card Holder Wallet - A multiple card holder wallet with picture holder.
Aluminum Water Bottle - Just make sure she is an outdoor person.
Sunglasses - Get the latest style and shape that will suit her.
Mixing Bowl Set - One of the great gift ideas for moms, choose delicate designs.
Going to the right store is the secret behind getting an affordable gift, if you don't find what you are looking for in one store don't hesitate to visit another. Nowadays you can buy a lot of unique stuff online, and that too within your budget, so surf the Internet a little.