Best of 2012: Top Gifts for Teenage Girls to Have Them Go Gaga

Best Gifts for Teenage Girls 2012
The following article suggests some of the best gifts for teenage girls 2012. Read on for some ideas in case you are stuck as to what to give your favorite niece on her 16th birthday.
Buying a gift for a teenage girl is not easy. A girl in her teens has her own unique personality, liking, and choices. However, the thing with them is that these might keep on changing every other day! A teenager is still in the process of self-discovery and wondering what her actual needs and likings in life her. As a precaution I would say that instead of searching for gift ideas for her, take her to the market, tell her your budget and let her shop for her own gift. However, if you want to surprise your little missy, then here are some of the best gifts which most of them would appreciate.

Great Gifts for Teenage Girls

fashionhobby classesgadgets

Who said that it is only guys who like their mean machines? Today's girls are as well versed with technology as their male counterparts. This makes electronic gadgets such as MP3 players, laptop, digital cameras, DVD players, the best gifts for teenage girls.

Hobby Classes
Enroll them in a hobby class. Teenage is the time when most girls are exploring their interests. If the girl likes to sing, enroll her for a singing class. Likewise, dancing, pottery, self-defense, acting are some of the other hobby classes that you can look into getting your girl enrolled.

Personalized Jewelry
For those of you looking for personalized gifts, a good idea is to give her a bracelet or a ring or a pendant with her name inscribed on it. Teenagers love things which reinforce their individuality. This makes such gifts a hot favorite with them. You can also gift her a set of unconventional jewelry or those antique styled earrings and bracelets. They are really trendy and teenagers just love them.

Want to make her birthday really special? Make a scrapbook for her. Collect all her good photographs, right from her childhood and include them in the scrapbook. Have all the immediate family members as well as her close friends write some heartfelt messages for her. This is one of those gifts which they will cherish forever.

Make-up Kits
Makeup kits are one of the most sought-after gifts for teenage girls. It is during their teenage that girls start using cosmetics for the first time. While they are learning how to do makeup, if they are gifted a makeup kit with all the items such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc. in it, they are simply going to be thrilled upon receiving it.

Teenage can be a very difficult time for any girl as she is experiencing so many physical and emotional changes in her life. She is still not an adult, nor she is a child! If at this time, she is given some self-help books that guide her on how to make goals in life, how to deal with relationships, how to make friends, basically books which teach life lessons, she can learn a lot through them and become a better person. Books are, no doubt, one of the best gifts.

Clothes and Accessories
As girls like to experiment with what they wear and almost always follow the latest fashion trends, one of the best gifts for them is to buy them clothes that are in vogue. You can even make an ensemble of clothes and accessories such as t-shirts with quotes, funky pair of socks, little black dress, a mini skirt, a pair of high heels, a trendy watch, a sporty handbag and give it to her.

Magazine Subscription
Magazine subscription is a wonderful idea if your girl is into reading. Most girls, if not a great fan of articles, definitely like to follow the latest trends in fashion. They love be up-to-date and therefore, a magazine subscription of her favorite weekly or monthly fashion mag would be an awesome idea. Trust me, she would go through them with pleasure and would thank you not once, but every time she receives her copy.

Chocolate Story
Now this is something I am disappointed that I have to suggest you. Of course she loves chocolates, and who doesn't? But then, you would say that it would be kind of "obvious" if you give chocolates. Who said you buy a couple of bars and wrap them? I am talking about a chocolate gift basket. You can give it a theme, pick a combination of colors for decoration, do exotic packing and la la, the best gift for the best girl is ready. Use your imagination!

Gift Card
Certificate is the best bet in case you are unsure about the gift. To make it generic, you can give a certificate of her favorite brand of clothes or her favorite bookstore. A gift certificate, or gift card, is better than other gifts as they give the receiver the opportunity to buy anything of her choice. In case your niece is very choosy or has liking for specific brands or outlets, just drop in to the store, get a gift certificate issued and see the smile on her face when you give it to her.

Other small gifts like personalized mugs or frames, perfumes, iTunes gift cards, sports gear, nail colors, hair accessories, etc. can also be given some thought. Here's hoping that you could pick up something from the above ideas. In the end, whatever you choose, make sure to keep the personality of the girl in mind, before zeroing on the gift. I am repeating myself, but, if you are still unsure as to what to give her, a gift voucher is a safe bet!